Daughter of the King

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Dear Daughter of the King,

Hello beautiful! Living a blessed life is a choice. True success relies on choosing the right essential elements on the path to success. Deciding to apply God’s word to our life always creates joy! As a daughter of our precious Lord and Savior, the King of Kings; you have the opportunity to grow and thrive. Looking to God each day, we must choose boldness, commitment, strength, perseverance and unfeigned love in a sin laden world. It is not always easy. But it is a choice. Sister, do you want God’s hand of blessing on your life? God’s living word is so powerful and clear. What do you choose?

Next to Ephesians chapter 1, this is the inspiration for the soon to publish series- Daughter of the King!

Daughter of the King (Audio– Coming Soon)

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Daughter of the King Writings: