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Daily Life- Fall In Love With Jesus

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God is everywhere we look, may we take the time to stop and see Him for who He is, LOVE!

Fall In Love With Jesus

5 Steps to Fall In Love With Jesus

You are loved by an amazing, powerful and infinite loving God! He sees every nook and cranny of your life and it brings yet His thoughts of you are precious. These 5 Steps to Fall In Love With Jesus are a great reminder on the foundation you desire and/ or have already. As you nourish your soul, I pray the Lord reminds you of a friend that needs to reap the same benefits of a refreshed, renewed or developed love from your Heavenly Father.

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5 Steps to Fall In Love With Jesus

1. We Must First Know Him to be able to fall in Love With Jesus.

In order to fall in love with Jesus, we must first know Him. Do you recall the first time you heard the name Jesus? Perhaps you were a little child and you do not recall when you first heard of Him. Or maybe you were like more individuals I am blessed to meet today. That is, the only time you heard the name “Jesus” was during the holiday season. But, you did not know who He was until later in life. However the case, it is hard to love someone you do not know. Let alone, someone you have never met. How could you then fall in love with Jesus without knowing Him?

As obvious as this sounds, the truth still states one must know Him in order to love at all, let alone love Him back. In 1 John 4 he reminds us that HE is love and that that love is perfected in us as we walk and grow with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given to us upon salvation. So in order to truly love anyone or anything, we must first be saved. Salvation is accepting Christ’s love. After all, “God is love.

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2. We Must Connect with Him to be able to fall in Love With Jesus.

So, as you meet Him and you make a connection with Him. Thankfully, even though you could not visibly see God at salvation, He did not leave you alone. He has given you the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you; along with the living word. We always have the trinity. At times the Bible say Father, son and Holy ghost. But it also states God, the word and the Holy Spirit. God’s word being the key factor. It is living. God did not leave us to figure it all out on our own and alone. He is always there when we need Him. Salvation is just the beginning.

Sadly, many Christians fade to the side lines after they get saved and miss all the blessings that come from Falling in Love With Jesus. Each time you connect with God and He answers your prayers another connection is made. Like on tiny stitch after another on a beautifully hand embroidered patchwork quilt. Each stitch on every small square piece seems insignificant by itself, but when each elegantly detailed square is stitched to another, a much larger picture begins to unfold until the masterpiece is finished. You may recall when you were first saved and how God “reeled” you in, it was amazing. Friend, if you do not remember a time you got hooked on God, I ask you, did you get saved?

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3. We Must begin to “Fall” for Him or desire more of Him to be able to fall in Love With Jesus.

As “sparks” begin to fly and you see Christ answering your prayers, your desire grows. Blessings begin to flow through your obedience, and God begins to open doors you never thought imaginable. God works how and when He chooses. He is so good!

He knows exactly what we need before we even ask. Throughout your obedience and faithfulness He begins to stretch and pull. Before long you start to see the attributes of God and you cherish who He is more and more. And before you know it you desire to spend more time with Him and long for Him to reveal Himself more and more. You have begun to fall for Him and cannot spend enough time together!

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4. We Must Decide to Know Him Intimately to be able to fall in Love With Jesus.

It’s decision time. As you desire more time together with God you begin to long a close relationship. You want to share an intimate relationship and see God work more in your life. Perhaps He begins to reveal sin He wants you to separate from, or places He does not want you to go anymore, even not be around certain things or groups of people anymore. Our time here on Earth is so limited, what do we choose to invest it in? Unfortunately this is where many jump ship. Do you recall the first time God weighed something heavy on your heart? Do you remember how you responded? How did you decide to respond? Every christian will, at some point in their relationship with God, have to make a decision in their walk with God. Although we serve the same wonderful God, our choices are not the same. We all walk a different life as a unique individual.

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5. We Must Build A Relationship With Him to be able to fall in Love With Jesus.

As we make those decisions with the Lord, we begin to build a glorious relationship with Him. Each gentle nudge to our heart we listen and respond to shapes us to His image. A beautiful piece of pottery He desires to shape and mold. And at some point, at least once in your walk, you will have to decide if it is worth it. As you build that relationship with Him nuggets of truth are stashed in your heart (if you made the decisions to put them there) for the time God already knows is ahead. Each devotion, Sunday School lesson, sermon and prayer time drew truth from His word to write on your heart. A day will come when you or someone midst a season will need that truth. You will be to thank and meditate on that truth. To send sweet light in a dusty dark corner. A beautiful well to draw from in the midst of a hot dry land. God is so good and building a beautiful relationship with Him brings unspeakable joy!

Perhaps you find yourself here with a long- time, “old friends” kind of a relationship, you are precious to Him. He has not forgotten. His word and promises are just as much true as they every were. Whatever season you find yourself in, remember you are cherished and loved by YOUR Heavenly Father. His desires do not change. You do. He is truth. Every Christian will be faced with temptations. Satan will do all He can to trip us up. After all, if you are busy with the seasons of life you are too busy to be focused on God’s work. Many are not fit to be of use due to their own sin and fear, we give Satan too much credit. If you have served God for any length of time you will ask yourself, “Is it worth it? Is it worth serving and intimately knowing God?”

We know God is the perfect faithful friend, are you? Where do you say, not anymore? Will you still serve God if ______? If all my friends laugh at me? If my family disowns me? If I am kicked out of the house? If I have cancer? If my spouse passes? If my child sees heaven before I do? At what point do we quit? A good friend is faithful, loyal and true. You have one, God! Sister, you have a friend in me. Many of you that read this faithfully, know me, I want to thank you for being a friend. And for those that I may not personally, I love that we are connected through a mutual friend, God! He is so good and faithful. He desires to be your true friend. Yes, your BFF! May you continue to build your relationship with Him, wherever you are on your journey of Falling in Love With Jesus!

If you do not know for sure you have a home in heaven, make sure of that dear friend. Do not leave that unsettled, God never left us to wonder if we are “good enough”! HE IS! He has purchased your sin debt on the cross, it is up to you to accept it. Like a birthday or Christmas gift, it’s already been purchased, but do you want it. If you do not have that nailed down, or are unsure check out this Romans Road post. Please do not wait or put this off, feel free to reach out to me as well if you have a question. If you want to search this more, check out @realbibleanswers !

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