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God in the Daily Blog: A Beautiful Choice

Seasons come and seasons go. Through all seasons we can clench unveiled truth and grasp God’s outpouring love on our life by letting the Holy Spirit speak to us each day. God has blessed us with His beautiful words penned, Spirit filled, and preserved for us to cling to even in the darkest seasons. God is so good! Just as all things in life, seeing God in the daily is a choice. A Beautiful Choice.

As http://www.titusjoy.com grows, please be patient as we organize our luggage and unpack many posts from a few years back. Checking back each week will ensure a fresh roll of topics and organized articles. Every now and then, a sweet lady will ask how to help promote certain articles that appeal to ALL Christians and exemplify God on a day to day basis. If this is something you would like to share with a personal testimony, God in the Daily can be tagged on social media with #MyGodIsThere!

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God in the Daily

God in the Daily

Morning Meet Up! Everything here has been paid for and purchased. Would you like to buy a coffee to just say thanks? Meanwhile, let’s see what God’s word says today!


God in the Daily Blog: A Beautiful Choice

20+ Gifts, Gift Basket or Gift Bag Items for DAD!

With yesterday’s post (25+ FREE or Extremely Low Cost Father’s Day Gifts) leads to today’s post, 25 More FREE Or Low Cost Mother’s Day Ideas. So lets begin… 20+ Gifts, Gift Basket or Gift Bag Items for DAD! 1.…

Welcome June!

Welcome June! Hello my beautiful ministry friends, I hope this finds you with a cup of tea or coffee in the nook of your busy schedule. Summer (although not yet official by calendar) has sped into full gear. May…

3 Notes to Thrive This Summer

3 Notes to Thrive This Summer Does your church attendance drop in the summer? With graduations, traveling, camping and vacations; many churches see a drop in their attendance over the summer, while others thrive and see increase! So what…

Sunday’s Song: Blessed Redeemer

Sunday’s Songs: Blessed Redeemer Sunday’s Songs: Blessed Redeemer Do you love Godly music? Listening to a beautiful message alongside a glorious tune, you cannot help but be moved. Music is a gift! Oh, how beautiful are the precious hymns…

Family Adventures

Family adventures are often said to be the glue that keep us happily cemented together, and striving for the Lord’s work. There is a lot of truth to that. Instead of taking a ton of huge vacations, we find…

13 Rules to Raising Teenage Boys

13 Rules to Follow When Raising Teenage Boys Christian Motherhood is a Gift! Raising children is no easy feat! Raising teenage boys has been a beautiful learning curve in my life! I thoroughly enjoy it and am privileged to…

My Whole Heart

With My Whole Heart What does that even mean? Have you ever wondered that? If we say we love something with our whole heart and grow in God’s grace we love more, right? So, are we loving with our…