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close up photography of people picking nachos chips


Hangry? Moody because you’re hungry?

Have you ever felt so famished at a time in your life, that you could quite literally could eat just about anything, and it would taste good?

It reminds me of a day of hard work that began early in the morning. Everyone half sleepily made their way to the vehicle to climb in and head to grandmas to do wood. A years worth of wood in a day. Man, everyone had their jobs and the day carried on.

Lunch rolled along and we were just about through, so the men said can we wait and just finish? Of course everyone was anxious to just complete the task at hand and put off lunch for a supper/lunch in a few hours. Boy oh boy, did the work go a bit quicker for awhile!

In a few hours the work was done and a feast spread of food was laid out for all the help. With a drive ahead, many grabbed their plates and left. One young one fell asleep and was placed in the vehicle. (But, a plate was made anyways.)

About half way home, the little guy awoke and was hangry. Quickly clearing his prepared plate, he said, “this was the best potato salad I ever ate, and I don’t even like onions!” Of course we laughed, thinking he does not eat much for potato salad either, but it was gone quickly. I love hard work filled days like that too, don’t you?

However, do we every find ourselves like that when it comes to Spiritual things? Or do we pick through and accepting only the things we like or desire?

“But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4

Do we really cling to every word from God because we are hungry for HIS Will and HIS Truth? It is a choice we make each time we read, each time we attend church or classes; we choose to be engaged and tuned in OR not!

May we choose to be Spiritually hungry for the leading and blessed hand of God everyday in our lives! Happy Tuesday!