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Great Amazon Find for Kids

One of our favorite parts of the day is Bible time. Whether we are in school, church or on vacation, Bible time is always in our life. Thank you. This isn’t to pat ourselves on the back, but to state it’s a habit, and a good one. Just like any other routine that can get mandayne, often we find ourselves changing up Bible time or look for a cute find to not only be a blessing and bring a smile, but to keep the kids engaged. Each student, along with my kids, has a favorite way to orchestrate Bible time. Varieties included a small devotion booklet, copywork of memory verses, scripture passages of the week, journal drawing, quiet place bible reading and reflection, etc. One thing is certain though, they all agree if there is an outline, it makes their studies “more” focused and on purpose. So just as we’ve changed up Bible time (and chapel throughout the school year), we decided our children and students could use a change up on our quick morning journaling.

With more and more technology, we have not only been blessed in convenience, but also in choice. Scouring the internet in my free moments, I often bookmark things I “intend” to come back to one day when I have more time. Sadly, I just don’t make it back as quickly as I’d like or ever. However, if I digitally save little links and pictures, they have been a great reminder of where to find things I am looking for, so when the time comes for purchasing or rummaging for a certain product, it’s easy to find.

Well, this is one of those products. For just over $2.00 each I purchased a stack of “The 3 Minutes Gratitude Journal for kids” for the students this year. (Which I can not print worksheets for that price) and at the click of a button, this beauty came.

It’s contents are super simple. With most pages looking like this,

Every dozen or so, one will have the ACT of Gratitude page (below) or a draw the picture page.

Although simple, it was a great way for me to contain loose papers into a small “booklet” form. It’s slightly smaller than a notebook and it’s a change up from last year, which is nice to just throw in the mix. The link for this purchase is provided by Modern Kid Press.

Happy Teaching & Happy Homeschooling!!!