Crock Pot Recipe: Stuffed Green Pepper Soup

Cool weather and short days crave hearty soups. Stuffed Green Pepper Soup is definitely on that list. Everything that goes into delicious stuffed peppers, but into a soup. Amazing! Photo by Maria Orlova on Begin by browning your burger. We prefer ground beef or venison. Season a pound of beef with a dash of … Continue reading Crock Pot Recipe: Stuffed Green Pepper Soup

Mrs. Kerry’s Wild Rice Soup

What's your favorite soup of all time? Do you have a favorite soup that is requested often? On a cold, gloomy day, this soup will warm any soul. It's one of the soups that is thick and hearty like a stew. Mrs. Kerry would bring it to church potluck or a late night dinner after … Continue reading Mrs. Kerry’s Wild Rice Soup

Tortilla Round Up- 45+ Good Eats You Can Make With Tortillas!

Kids LOVE tortillas. Over the years we have come to know so many things that are great that have the main ingredient- TORTILLAS. If you do not know how to make them, check out my recipe. In the meantime, they are also fairly cheap, even the different dollar store type chains carry them. The best … Continue reading Tortilla Round Up- 45+ Good Eats You Can Make With Tortillas!

Campfire Chicken Pot Pie (Or quick oven option)

Dutch oven on the campfire warming some diced chicken! Add your favorite seasonings. We add 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper. Add 1 Tablespoon of minced garlic. Stir in hot dutch oven with warm chicken. Return to heat until chicken is fully cooked. Next, add 5 cans of mixed vegetables and 2 cans of cream … Continue reading Campfire Chicken Pot Pie (Or quick oven option)

Tator Tot Hotdish (with 5+ variations)

I don't know about your house, but this classic go- to recipe is a hit in our home! Oddly enough, I just assumed everyone has heard of tator tot hotidish. Well, you know what assuming does... One day my hubs was at work discussing classic meals that are always hits. Tator tot hot dish was … Continue reading Tator Tot Hotdish (with 5+ variations)

Cranberry Salsa Recipe

What is better than fresh hot buttermilk pancakes with real maple syrup? Cranberry Salsa!!! Don't let that fool you by the name, if anything it could be a mock jalapeño berry jelly! Add this quick and simple recipe to the breakfast table for the holidays! Begin with softening your cranberries by boiling 3 cups of … Continue reading Cranberry Salsa Recipe

DIY Starbucks Pumpkin Scones Recipe

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Starbucks is known for a few things. Honestly it is not a "big" thing here. We have a few "small" non- franchise coffee shops within a 1/2 hour commute that people will pass up Starbuck any day to drive there. However, having had Starbucks several times, they do have … Continue reading DIY Starbucks Pumpkin Scones Recipe

Garden Muffins

OH, how beautiful garden produce truly is! Dehydrate, freeze or canning are wonderful skills to have; however, I would rather use the fresh produce immediately. This is a great adaptable recipe to do just that. Being a lover of baked goods, I am a bit particular. Sorry, not sorry. Our ladies group is call Mugs … Continue reading Garden Muffins

Breakfast Vegetable Hash

With the garden thriving and vegetables flowing to the kitchen, canning season is in full swing. With all the fresh eats, one of our absolute favorite things to make is a full breakfast with vegetable hash browns all the way. One of our Hugelculture experiments After our morning chores and rummaging through our various gardens … Continue reading Breakfast Vegetable Hash

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Egg Recipe #16 Photo by Pixabay on Happy chickens= a lot of eggs= egg recipes for you! Customized pizzas are the best kind of pizzas! Don't forget to add your favorite toppings and ingredients like pepper varieties, mushrooms, tomatoes, extra meats and specialty cheeses to this great recipe! Here is our basic sausage and … Continue reading Sausage and Egg Breakfast Pizza Recipe