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Let Your Life Speak Beauty

As many of my lovely readers are finishing up their first week of school, while others are prepping to ‘officially’ begin on Tuesday; let me just say this:

The Life You Live Teaches More than Books You Speak Of!

Whether you are closing out the week after a busy schooling schedule, sliding into routine, jump-starting for next weeks ‘official’ start OR beginning soon; remember tomorrow is Friday!

End the week great! No matter how rough, or smooth your week was; tie a beautiful bow around it all and hit the “I love this” note!

Hard lessons, back to school brain fog, school schedule shifts can leave some tired or even non-compliant or excited kids for a new year. But, you set the tone.

I do hope and pray you had a beautiful week, adjusted your schedule, tweaked your meal prepping and made the new school year off to an amazing start.

However, if for some reason your week was rough- remember tomorrow is Friday! Learning is everywhere, make Friday amazing! And your life and attitude is teaching a much greater lesson.

Ask any student who their favorite teacher was/is; they will have someone come to mind that influenced their life greatly. Either inside the classroom or outside. It is more than likely someone they admire not because of what they taught, but their influence while they were teaching.

Perhaps it was a favorite subject, but the subject did not make them the favorite teacher. It was their attitude, their personality, their passion and their devotion to the student! Who you are as a homeschool mom/ teacher is going to influence your learner more than the books in front of them.

Also, please give yourself grace if this is a new path you are carving. Your homeschool journey does NOT have to look like a magazine tells you, or some homeschool mom down the road. That in fact is what makes it so beautiful! Educate your children in a way they learn best. (Though important, not just academically.) Include self discipline, character, health/PE and daily living/ life skills.

We all know, Life skills do not disappear and reappear on Monday. So, include your family in the daily living chores for round the clock learning! And remember, children learn through play too!

Have a great Friday & Weekend! May it be filled with beautiful memories, lots of love and a sweet treasured adventure for your homeschool journey this year!

fishing man wearing yellow shirt

5 Ideas for ‘Unofficial’ Educational Weekend Activities:

  1. Family Picnic w/ birding
  2. Camping Adventure (Collect as many tree different sized/ varieties of leaves as possible for art this week)
  3. Kayaking & Canoe Fun (Pack snacks of course)
  4. Mushroom Hunting (Chantrelles, Hen of the woods, chicken of the woods & Eggnoodle mushrooms are out in some places)
  5. Last Minute AirBNB Trip (For fun of course, but to a place you have always wanted to check out- bring your homeschool ID’s, many have discounts like zoos, museums and historical sites.)

Have a Beautiful weekend!