Preparing to Homestead #3: Budgeting & Being Frugal

Every successful homestead understands you must have a budget and a plan! One of the best ways you can prepare your home and homestead, even prior to purchasing your own place, is to create a working budget. As you may already know, budgeting and being frugal really go hand in hand. So how can you … Continue reading Preparing to Homestead #3: Budgeting & Being Frugal

Delicious Sugar Scrub Recipe

I love sugar scrub!!! Photo by Tara Winstead on Perhaps one of my favorite gifts to make around the holidays and throughout winter season is Sugar Scrub. I wanted to share my super easy base recipe that can be tweaked so many ways and with so many scents! Delicious Sugar Scrub 3 C. Sugar … Continue reading Delicious Sugar Scrub Recipe