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World’s Best Ice Cream Topping Recipe

Dream Cream. The Frozen Spoon. Utterly Delicious Cream.

Two Scoops. Kustard Cones. Creamery.

Ben & Jerry. Haagen-Dazs. Blue Bell. Nestle. Dairy Queen.

Ice Cream!

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Who doesn’t love good ice cream? We have so many choices for ice cream flavors and mixes. BUT, someone please give me a bowl of old fashion vanilla ice cream~ NUMMY!!!

One of our favorite traditions each year is back to school ice cream night in the fall. We whip out the vanilla ice cream and everyone creates. With a table packed full of goodies and toppings, there is bound to be something for everyone.

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Ice cream Sundays are amazingly delicious, but we found this to be the number one favorite ice cream topping ever!

Crazy enough, it was created by a couple tweaks and a pregnant mom craving rhubarb dessert! HA HA HA! Although we didn’t have rhubarb dessert made, we had rhubarb. With a little creativity, we whipped up an ice cream topping. With a few tweaks, we came up with a recipe everyone loves, and we preserve extra from the season for year round enjoyment. Best of all, it’s super easy!

~Wash fresh rhubarb stalks and dice. Place in bowl. Set aside.

~Wash strawberries and quarter the berries.

~In each sterilized jar, pack and place approximately 3 Cups of Rhubarb and 1 Cup of Strawberries per quart jar. (This can be adjusted to your liking of course.) Once your jars are full add up to 1 cup of sugar per quart. We love this tart and I use the pressure canning method for preserving this recipe, SO we only use 1/4 Cup of REAL Maple syrup per jar. It is perfectly tart to our liking! (This will also depend on your rhubarb too or if you are using more/less strawberries.)

~Canning does all the heat work for creating beautiful juices and delicious tart summer sun. If you wanted to just make a small batch stove top, simple scale 3:1 ratio in a sauce pot. Warm over low-medium heat. Juices will flow. Stir. Add your desired sweetener.

~Optional additions are vanilla and/or a pinch of cinnamon.

Serve warm over vanilla bean ice cream for best results!!!