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Women’s Bible Study Remote Options

Women’s Bible Study is such a blessing! A precious time set aside to gather with women of like faith, that really love the Lord!

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For obvious reasons, having Ladies Bible Study in our home is a blessing. Everyone relaxed, comfortable, and sipping on a steaming cup of hot chocolate, apple cider or coffee. (Don’t forget a table decked out with snacks and desserts too.) Although perfect Bible Studies would have delightful food and drink, a room bustling with beautiful ladies anxious to dive into God’s word, perhaps a craft awaiting after or a service project; however that perfection looks to you and I, we must remember God sees the heart. Although the picture perfect scene we have may not be possible for some; it doesn’t change the value of your meeting.

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Over the last year or so, it has been a blessing and privilege to see the care women have for others. (Mostly women readers so- sorry guys if your are reading- I’ve personally had some amazing doctors care for myself and family, & personally know many men serving too.- You’re Awesome Too!) From sewing masks, gowns, and supplies, to packing care bags, volunteering extra hours in all sorts of service jobs/charities, gifting your time and talents; it is so beautiful to witness and be apart of serving others.

Whether it is blessing, comforting, or caring; ladies, you are so gifted. You have served with such love and compassion! Pastor’s and pastor’s wives, you keep going; thank you!

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When you are not able to meet in person, what has worked best for your Ladies Bible Study group? Here are a couple options for hosting your Women’s Bible Study if you are still quarantined OR you would like to offer a service to all women that may be home-bound or will not be making it back to church right away.

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~Women’s Bible Study (Audio & Video)~

Now audio only Ladies Bible study has advantages and disadvantages. For our ladies, (different generations and some without internet) this has worked great. Even upon returning to in-person meetings we are continuing our Ladies Bible study be phone. Although this may sound complex, it is super simple.

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The “HOST” or pastor’s wife would set up a number or account and be given a number and password. The Host of the Ladies Bible Study, usually the preacher’s wife, will then give everyone she would like to invite the number and password to “enter” into that “room” for a conference call. The “Host” can mute others, herself or such if needed to keep background sound down. Everyone also has the option to mute themselves if they want to listen, but not be heard. (Great for newcomers that just want to check it out.) So here are a a few free audio conference call options. There are payed upgrades available and more if you are okay paying a fee.

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  1. Free Conference Call– Conference call for free, anytime and anywhere. Just set up an account, it’s that simple. Up to 1,000 callers and you can upgrade if you choose to video and/or screen sharing. Friends of ours have used this weekly for almost a year now, and they are pleased with the company. Upgrades are worth the expense as well. No downloads required. Calls may be made from landlines as well as cell phones. For the host it extremely helpful to download the app. (Options of controlling the meeting/participants if there is background noise.) ***No time limit and no videos required are bonus features for FreeConferenceCall.

2. Go To Meeting- Another great audio only or video optional add for up to 250 callers is Go To Meeting. **This is a free 2 week trial, not a free service. However, the clarity is highly praised for this service. They also have a video meeting option if you would like to steer to that direction.

3. Zoom- With up to 100 participants at a time, Zoom is another great option. (Limit of 40 minutes for the free service) If you are looking to host a Ladies Bible Study under 40 minutes with less than 100 people, hosting all your meetings may be free as well. Whether logging by landline, cell phone, or computer; Zoom calls/meeting are clear and crisp.

4. Skype- Another great option for small churches is Skype. If you have less than 10 participants each call, Skype is free unlimited monthly. (***Currently the website now says up to 99 people free/ 24 hr calls.) No downloads required as well. Blurring the background is also an option on Skype.

5. Google Hangouts- With up to 150 people on Google Hangouts, it’s bound to be a great way to share photos, notes, and stories with your Ladies Bible Study. Free emojis, GIFs, stickers, maps and etc. can often help visually lighten the lessons. Unlimited calls and up to 10 contacts can be another great tools for your next Ladies Bible Study.

6. UberConference– With Paid and free options, Uberconference is another tool that could be used for your Women’s Bible Study. With no pins, no downloads, this is another simple solution for your next Bible lesson.

7. Conference HD Call– Free calling options for a conference call. Set up, gather your ladies group and enjoy your next meeting.

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Women’s Bible Study ~Back in Session

As we continue to find more options for meeting, we will keep you posted. These have been great for those that want interaction in their Women’s Bible Study Group! Remember, there are other options for just teaching if your ladies are online. With Facebook or Facebook groups and pages, YouTube, Vimeo and many more. Ladies, the options of teaching are still available, may you find something that helps and simplifies your life a bit. (Or expands your ministry.) If you are looking for book studies for your upcoming Women’s Bible Study, check here.

Happy Homemaking! God is Good!!!

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