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Winter Wonderland

snow covered trees
Photo by Street Donkey on Pexels.com


man walking in the snow at daytime
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One of the four seasons on Earth we get to enjoy. Winter looks different, depending on where you live. Although some are able to garden, enjoy “summer” activities in cooler weather, the typical image of winter is frosty, frozen cold days. Adventures and activities are often followed by piping hot apple cider or hot cocoa.

girl in white snow coat holding red and white ceramic mug
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snow covered trees

Frosty, crisp, cool air. Snow. Beautiful snow.

red fruit handing on tree branch selective color photography

Fun, exhilarating, wild adventures.

couple pulling their children on sleds in winter
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Dog sledding adventures.

adventure alaska alpine cold

Ski jumping for some.

view of a ski jump in low angle photography
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Skating for others.

person ice skating

Snowmobiling for the adventurer.

people on snowmobiles
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Ice Fishing for the patient.

Whatever activity you choose, God is there. HIS beautiful creation, designed for us to enjoy and sustain. Although without the right lens, these adventures and hobbies can be a hindrance. If I may speak openly, it often blocks the beauty of His creation with the shadows of our desires from creation. Whereas we know, replacing anything before God himself, is replacing God’s designed position in our life, first. It therefore becomes an idol.

Exodus 20:3 – “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Enjoy all HE has for you in this life. Enjoy HIS magnificence creation. But, let us keep focus on HIS ultimate design and plan. As we enjoy life and all that it contains, let us praise and worship our God. Let us not choose the “good” things HE allows us to enjoy, but with the right perspective.

Happy Winter, enjoy God’s beautiful creation midst this season!

P.S. But, I am knew here, how do you know heaven is real and my know for sure it is my eternal home? –> READ MORE of Travel Down the Roman’s Road or Let Us Travel