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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Emma Charlotte Revell Moody

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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Honoring Pastor’s Wives That Were Teachers (and were vital in history)

You faithfully serve your husband, your precious family and church week after week. An amazing feat within itself! Ministry wives are a unique, beautiful breed. An unchosen position, met with your incredible drive and devotion to God’s laws and precepts. You perhaps have many “unlisted” tasks each week as your serve beside your husband. You are amazing, thank you! In honor of pastor’s wives, this weeks Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner is about an amazing woman, pastor’s wife, dedicated Sunday School teacher, Emma Charlotte Revell Moody.

After beginning to teach at the age of 15, Emma took every opportunity to teach for the remainder of her 46 years on Earth. As a pastor’s wife or an evangelist’s wife, you may have never heard her name before. God saw her. She was apart of history and changing lives! If I mentioned Dwight L. Moody, chanced are you have heard his name before.

Not only was Emma Moody a dedicated servant of the Lord, but she was also a wife and mother. Emma served her husband faithfully and selflessly. She was a faithful, loyal servant, worker, Sunday School teacher, her family’s financial accountant and an overseer of her husband’s correspondence for many years. Being a quiet but a spirit filled woman was best for describing her. Yet, have you ever heard her name before? Her husband was and has been known by many if not most preachers in the United States for generations. And while Emma labored faithfully near her husbands side, close with the Lord, faithfully teaching; she is rarely mentioned or even heard of. It does not change the value she had to her Lord, her husband, and his ministry. What a beautiful woman. A selfless loving preacher’s wife.

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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Honoring Pastor’s Wives That Were Teachers (and were vital in history)

Looking at the amazing, quiet, reserved women serving alongside their husbands over the course of history; oh what a blessing it is to have amazing preacher’s wives. You may feel like it is just a title that means the wife of the pastor, you are right. If something happens that your husband is not the pastor, you loose your title of a pastor’s wife too. But YOU are so valuable. That title is just a title. You were who you are now, before you stepped into the ministry. You loved souls. You wanted to see God do something MORE than you wanted your name famous. You are a pastor’s wife. THANK YOU! You are needed and valued. May the Lord continue to revive your heart, keep your fire stoked and using you in the ministry and lives He has placed you in. That you are able to minister effectively for a great cause, the most important thing on Earth, souls.

Happy National Pastor’s Wife Month, thank you for teaching your mission field God’s love and forgiveness.