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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Teaching Children the Bible- 5 Things that Will Help You Succeed

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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Teaching Children the Bible- 5 Things that Will Help You Succeed

Successfully Teach Children the Bible, God’s Word

Amazed eyes wait in suspense as you read the next line. Each child on the corner of their carpet square wide eyed and drooling with anticipation. Is this your Sunday school class each Sunday? I love to teach. But, I really love to teach Bible. Teaching Sunday School is such an honor and so much fun! As teachers, we have the opportunity to convey the most sad, scary, adventurous, loving and crazy fun stories ever written. God is pretty amazing, and over and over again throughout the entire Bible He conveys that through His word. I hope your Sunday school spark is ignited! But, whether you teach Bible in Sunday School, church, school, as a private group or in your home education; teaching Bible is important, generational influencing and such a blessing! I would recommend 5 things to make your time Teaching Children the Bible successful.

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Successfully Teach Children the Bible, God’s Word

Teaching Children the Bible

Teaching children the Bible is so rewarding. Bible time, as we call it, fits all ages with the same text. However, depending on your setting, there are some tips and tricks that work for all. And then there are some specific helps designed to really assist in the teaching of the Bible to children based upon age group and setting. So let’s first recognize 5 elements needed to teach the Bible to children and adults.

  1. A Bible or Visual to have Bible Verses On-
    • In order to teach the Bible, you and your students need to see the Bible Verse. From the very time our children could hold a Bible, we placed Bibles in their hand. Although they could not read, they knew it was Bible time and participated. If you find yourself in a mixed age classroom, you will be surprised at how quick your younger students or children pick up verses by listening and watching your older children. If a Bible is not available for every student, get a wipe board or place the verse on a large visual in the front, so everyone can see. But allow your students to see at least the main verse you are teaching on. Visual learners will thrive and all your students will make memory transactions that will benefit later.
  2. Have Fun, Sing and/ play a Game-
    • I have seen dry successful Bible classes very effective, ,mostly because of the students willingness to learn. However, if you are teaching children other than your own or faithful church members, odds are this will greatly help you not only keep control of your class. But, will want your children to come back for more. In regards to Sunday School (most are app. 45min.) we will often spend the first 10 minutes in song, hymns, spiritual songs, a quick simple game and prayer requests. We also close with a game of their choice. (this helps on late starts with little song/game time too.) To be honest they usually pick sword drills, Solomon Says or Creeping Ninja. Enjoying your students is not only fun, but helps you to connect with them. For myself, as I get to know them better, I know how to better pray for them or ask them things so I can help or be a better teacher. (Look for my eBook that will be available soon for more ideas.)
  3. Be clear, easy to follow curriculum, and be simple on the text-
    • Through the years, I have found at any age, teaching the Bible comes down often to the layout. All the activities are fun, add support and draw student to reflect on the lesson. However, the lesson has to be there. Most often the layout is the key to the success of the lesson. If you are making your own lessons, they are not difficult, but take time. Keep it simple. Have a theme or point with at least 3 supporting points or references to the Bible. Then just like a soft shell taco, you wrap it all up nice to hold it together. (Carnitas for dinner, right? Sorry.) All ages will appreciate a nice helping of scripture with all the extra toppings, then wrapped up beautifully. Often in small churches the lessons are for only one age group, just dive in a bit further if you are using multiple students. This is often where I will give a small craft, coloring page or puzzle for all the students. I then dive into a few meatier scripture supports if I have older students as well. But, again all students will appreciate a clear, to the point scripture message that is easy to follow.
  4. Supplement-
    • Just as I stated above, the supplements can be as simple as a sheet of blank paper for the student to draw what they are listening to you read or points you are trying to convey. Or you can add puzzles, coloring sheets, arts/ crafts, and even weekly add-on classroom projects. An example of this was a thankfulness tree we just finished up. We made a large drift wood thankfulness tree that hung flat on the wall. For (8) weeks we talked about why we were thankful for Jesus’ birth. (We did this leading up to our Christmas program and had a Birthday party for Jesus.) Not only is it something we can do again, because there are more than 8 things I can think to praise God for, but it created anticipation to place something on the tree each week that correlated with the lesson. After 8 weeks, they had 8 things to take home if they wanted to place on their tree. This is only one idea of a supplement. Also, I use a separate supplement for memory verse challenges. Every Sunday School I challenge them to do more through the week. One thing is their verse. If they come back and say their verse, an appropriate action will take place. We’ve done ice cream cones- 50 on the door meant an ice cream Sunday party for class, we’ve done personal punch cards, pumpkins and had a pumpkin pie party. In the summer one year we did “dig into God’s word” that was the longest one we did 15 weeks- which I learned was the max, I lost some about half way through. The kids that completed that challenge received a sandbox set that had digger trucks/ shovels/etc. Get creative, and roll with the students you have. Make it fun, it can be as simple or complex as you desire!
  5. Enjoy & Pray!-
    • Last, but definitely not least. Enjoy teaching your Bible class! If you have fun and enjoy learning Bible and transfer it to your students, it will be more effective, no matter how you do it. Then pray. Teach. Pray. Pray. Teach. I cannot say it enough. God does so much more than we do. However, I am thankful for the faithful. God always used people throughout the Bible to change lives, He still uses people to change lives today. Thankful for being a willing vessel. Enjoy it and pray over your students. You never know when a year or a month later your student comes back and say, you know, I was reading… God’s promise in Isaiah is that His word does not return void. Isn’t that so funny, the most influential teaching in the world is Bible, yet perhaps least desired or paid. I love knowing that it is so precious, valuable, influential and can change the world one student at a time! That’s enough reward for me, probably you as well if you have made it this far in the post. Thank you.

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Successfully Teach Children the Bible, God’s Word

Teaching the Bible is such an important job! We are priviledged to share God’s love with the next generation. I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for new songs, skits or quick add-in games to keep the kids on the edge of their seat. And to Successfully Teach Children God’s Word. With these (5) key elements in teaching Children the Bible, you will set yourself up for success. Next week we will dive into the number one question in churches, clubs and school in regards to Bible. What is a good Bible Curriculum to Teach? Teaching Children the Bible With Curriculum that Works.

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Teaching Children the Bible with Curriculum

We will look at Bible Curriculum and break it down into 4 main groups to better serve and assist you and your church ministry in selection of Bible Curriculum. In the meantime if you have any recommendations in the following categories you would like to speak on behalf of, please feel free to send me a message at marvelousjoy@titusjoy.com I greatly appreciate your presonal experiences, links and development of curriculum. Here are the four main categories I have covered:

  1. Sunday School Bible Curriculum
  2. Bible Curriculum for Clubs, After School Programs, Children’s church, etc.
  3. Classroom, Private, and/or Home Based Bible Curriculum
  4. All other Curriculum that could be used for teens, young adults, book study, etc.

Otherwise, have a fabulous week and may the Lord continue to bless your ministry into 2023! As always, please do not hesitate to reach out at anytime with suggestions on how I can help serve you better. (Topics, links, studies, etc.) Happy Tuesday!