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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Science

Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Science

Education is vital to a world, a nation, its community and a soul. What a valuable thing it is to have the ability to learn. Often, many take for granted the ability to be able to learn AND having a nation with an education system built on freedoms we celebrate. But education itself is only as good as the curriculum, the educator, and most of all, the student. So, as a Christian homeschool mom and preacher’s wife, a solid science from a creation view is essential and not negotiable. BUT, within the last month the questions of Christian science curriculum has come up in conversations so many times. Finding English, Spelling and Math curriculum is easy, there are so many. But, if I homeschool, what is a good creation science curriculum?

Truthfully, there are several approaches to teaching the sciences in homeschool. The answer will depend on your needs and learning/teaching preferences. To be up front, in our homeschool we probably have always been very heavy on the math and sciences. One, because I desired to raise free thinkers, that appreciated the world they live in, the God that created it, and also can go into the sciences, mathematics and engineering fields if they desired. (Making the world a better place.) Many people think that if you homeschool you are limited. False. Just as every learner is different in public school, every student is unique in home school. So, we have always had a “living” type science class in our “table school” time AND their grade level science book.

I would like to add here there are a lot of science curricula out there and I have not used them all. And while I can give a lot of credit to material, truthfully their (my students’) knowledge and enjoyment of the sciences has stemmed from a love of the creation around them. Field guide books, collecting samples, visiting museums, hatcheries, farms, and hands on experiments were just a few things that allowed the words on the pages to come alive. The kids have also found great websites, video series, lectures, projects and science fairs to supplement in their enjoyment.

Having seen many different curricula, I would like to add though, the science you choose, will lay a foundational influence on your children. As you learn of creation, it directly correlates to our creator. God. If it is omitted, how can we blame children for not acknowledging God in their daily lives and in everything around them? I can say that in teaching true creation science, my faith and knowledge has increased. (And I already loved science and creation.) So prayerfully choose your science curriculum. These seven creation science curricula companies can help your selection process. Yes, there are others or you can piece your own curricula together with enough hours and credits required for your homeschool area. But, let’s begin.

Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Science- (7) Creation Science Choices

First, you have a traditional and conservative approach, Abeka. Honestly, I am grateful for Abeka. It has been a big chunk of our home education. Its creation science approach is similar to its other subjects, more of a classroom style learning. Which for myself, was great and an attractive approach! Scientific approach and investigation is not lacking in their science courses. Truly, great material. (Note, this is KJV material.)

Second, I will include A. C. E. While PACES are not everyone’s favorite approach to school, their science is spot on if you do not mind that route. If you travel, only purchase by the month or desire to keep things minimal, A.C.E may not be a bad option if you like the PACE style. Having seen K-9th grade, I can say it was very thorough and I have taught classes from the PACES before. If you say why not high school? The reasoning is simple, over and over again students say they prefer textbook style for quick reference and overlooking material at their own pace. (Not because of poor learning quality.) Note, this is KJV material as well.

Third, Sonlight. Honestly, I did not stumble across Sonlight until my homeschool journey was well under way. At a local Goodwill, I began picking up readers and books that were apart of Sonlight packages. The material is great. A wonderful local friend has used it with her four children, two of which have graduated from University, and they loved it! From what I saw, the literature was wholesome and the science packages followed in pursuit. So be sure to check out Sonlight as well.

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Next Apologia. Probably the largest section of my science library was at one point Apologia curriculum. Picking up used textbooks easily in our area, made a quick reference library we eventually went through. My kids loved Astronomy, Botany, Physical Science, Zoology (all 3), and Biology from Apologia. I see now, they also have online courses students can take on the Apologia Courses Site.

Another creation science curriculum is Bob Jones. Traditional and conservative approach is the best way to describe their style. Laden with high educational nuggets of truth and grade level packages make this a quick purchase and go curriculum that will not disappoint either. With careful teachings to analyze truth and theories in creation, every textbook points to the wisdom and magnificent master design by the hand of God.

Answer in Genesis is another website and apologetic ministry that has grown greatly. Although we considered this more of a supplement to programs at one point, their store is filled with curricula choices. With online courses and a filled store, their sciences department is continually growing.

Berean Builders is another Creation Science Curricula available to home educators. Their goal is to teach creation science, but develop critical thinkers.

Remember, as you prayerfully consider your creation science curricula, remember nothing trumps the Bible and its truths. Yes, creation science helps strengthen the foundations of a Biblical view and creationist approach. But nothing can replace the facts and power of God’s Holy word. And as you approach science options for your home education, to fine tune your selection, one can always compare it to the word of God. Have a blessed day!

Happy Homeschooling!