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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Copywork w/ FREE Download


Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: Copywork

Copywork is a great and wonderful way to find beautiful ways to incorporate scripture in your daily work. In fact, it was one of my favorite ways of adding scripture to the children’s daily lessons and morning journal time. Whether they drew pictures related to the passages we read, copied all the verses, or spent time listening to the Bible app reading along; their assigned copywork guaranteed at least one verse would be meditated on throughout the week.

Do you incorporate copy work into your daily school work? Whether you are home educating or your child is public or private schooled, here are 8 ways copywork has been proven to help students.

  1. It grows spelling skills. It is proven that every time your child writes a word correctly, they become better at spelling.
  2. It Teaches transcribing skills. In other words, it teaches your child to see the word as it is, close their eyes (even if briefly) to picture or memorize what they saw and then spell the word aloud in their “copywork”
  3. It allows children to familiarize themselves with literature, facts and/or authors who “bore them” or would not otherwise read in their free time. (Including poetry, famous literature and the Bible.)
  4. Copywork also allow the reader time to digest the words being written. Giving the reader an opportunity to reflect on the thoughts, ideas and words the author specifically used and tried to convey to its audience.
  5. Copywork improves memory and focus.
  6. It also created muscle memory.
  7. It also improves a students writing and teaches punctuation naturally.
  8. Copywork has also been proven to teach children to read and write with greater accuracy.

So, what is copywork exactly? Copywork can be as simple or as complex as you make it. But, in essence, it is just as it sounds. Students copywork is a learning practice in which a student learns skills by copying a selected passage or piece of information by hand. This “passage or selected piece” can come from a variety of sources and even tailor to individuals interests and/or studies. Copywork is a method that Charlotte Mason used to help children learn letter formation.

With all these benefits, I would like to challenge you to give copywork a chance! The best part about Charlotte Mason’s methods was, she kept the lessons short and to the point. After you assign a passage to your student, you encourage your student to be as accurate to detail as possible. Whether you choose your passage from a book, essay or sample piece of poetry; your student will benefit from copywork. Already have a full load? What about during Bible time? Give your student a verse to copy out of the Bible in their journal one a week or everyday, your student will learn truth while improving their handwriting and copywork skills. It is also a great way to journal and reflect on God’s word, since you already have the verse in front of you, racing through your mind and time to reflect.

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