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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: (5) Online Teacher Helps and Supplements

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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: (5) Online Teacher Helps & Supplements

Since 2020, or Covid19; the amount of resources available online are uncountable. From online academies, to personal classes, online programs and learning supplements; the list is endless. Here are only (5) great online teacher helps if you are homeschooling or just looking for something educational to add to your evening, bad weather days or summer learning.

Reading Eggs & Math Seeds- Although this has been around for a very long time, I am always amazed. Many times, I’ll still refer it to a new homeschool family, not because of one particular reason, except that they are solid. Even if your children are past beginner reading, their spelling race games, math reviews, and kid friendly interface is great for a supplement! Reading Eggs is continually developing, and has more and more every time I check them out. Click on the photo above or HERE for 30 days FREE.

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Youtube– Yes, Youtube has been around for a long time as well. But after 2020, so much more can be found and accessed free via youtube. From job shadowing, virtual field trips, traveling across the world and recorded classes, to music lessons, or Bible/Chapel preaching in the morning and/or access to some amazing educational shows. A favorite in our home is How It’s Made.

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Teacher’s Pay Teachers Another awesome resource put out by teachers! After signing up for an account, you can find so many things on Teacher’s pay teachers for free and low cost. This was a great resource for supplementing my early learner that I found project ideas on. (I did not want to do traditional book work yet.)

OutSchool– With classes from basics to amazing topics and hangouts, OutSchool literally has it all. If you have a child wanting to learn any given subject, language or talent; check OutSchool first. There is probably a class for it. Start Outschool HERE TODAY, possibly free. Best of all, if you do not see a class you desire, you can request it. How awesome is that? You now can find criminal law and forensic classes for your teens thanks to some adventurous requests from some teen boys! Click HERE for a credit of $20.00 and be sure to check and see if you qualify for financial assistance or FREE classes as well. There is plenty of opportunity on Outschool. Or simply use this code for a credit of $20. 7R96X6s0

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Coursera- Last, but not least in any way, is Teachable. Although these courses are on teachable, the platform classes are searchable through Coursera and you get more choices from personal designed classes as well. An amazing resource and outsource for fun, trade introductions, extra curricular classes and explorative courses. On Teachable you can find bread making courses, beginner chef courses, arts, sewing, specific niches, to general exploration options. With blacksmithing, shoe-making, homemaking, plant care and gardening classes, drone courses, and pilot introduction courses. There are so many possibilities for these classes AND some are very inexpensive or offer free trials to introduce their trade. A GREAT resource for a preteen/teen still exploring their main interests and all that is in the world of trades or fields. Be sure to check out Coursera!