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Top 5 “Must- Try” Bacon Recipes for Bacon Lovers

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Top 5 “Must- Try” Foods for Bacon Lovers

Alright my bacon lovers. Here is our latest top 5 list of recipes you must try if you love bacon! These are so good, you cannot resist their delectable quality.

Be careful, they will disappear fast!

1. Bacon Hot Chocolate Cake

I will not lie, this was an accidental find. During holiday break, my children love to go sledding and come in cold looking for a hot breakfast. Often they had hot chocolate too. Well, needless to say kids try everything. One of our children would dip everything in his hot chocolate to see what was “good”. One morning it was bacon. So since we are cake lovers for occasions, I made a chocolate cake with hot chocolate frosting and added bacon and drizzled caramel on top. AMAZING!

Ashlee Mare’e Photo, click on photo to her page or click below for recipe.

2. Bacon Cheesecake

Another family favorite. Although plain cheesecake is totally the way to go, bacon drizzled cheesecake is rather delicious. Here is a “top notch” recipe for Bacon Cheesecake.

Click on image for link to their recipe or click below.

3. Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

An absolute favorite among my kids and family. Get your greens and that beautiful bacon. Win! Win!

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4. Bacon S’mores

Camping never sounded so good! However, you don’t have to go camping to enjoy this delicious savory sweet treat!

Last, but not least…

5. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Our latest household hit addition is the bacon cinnamon rolls. Coffee frosted cinnamon rolls lost their ranks against these, and they’ve had the lead for a long time! Cinnamon rolls never tasted sooo amazing!!! We started with the Pillsbury recipe, but I found this gem searching the web a long while back. It will not disappoint. NUM!!!

Happy Baking! Happy Homemaking!!!