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To the Preacher’s Wife: 42 Ministry Ideas

42 Ministry Ideas for the Pastor’s Wife

42 Ministry Ideas for the Pastor’s Wife

As a pastor’s wife, there is no job description. No required commitments. However, most of you amazing ladies serving as a preacher’s wife, a missionary’s wife or some sort of pastoral wife role; have many titles. Embracing what God has called you to do along side your husband, you flourish. Sometimes, passing the torch, not because you do not want to continue that particular ministry; but gently finding the sidelines to allow other ladies within the church body to learn and grow. It makes you a sweet teacher and leader, but perhaps looking for a new addition of a ministry for your church.

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Whether you are starting your first ministry or on a path adding another ministry, here are 42 ministry ideas for the pastor’s wife:

  1. Women’s Ministry (As general/or specific as you desire.)
  2. Women’s Bible Study
  3. Women’s Tea Event
  4. A Woman’s Retreat
  5. VBS
  6. Music Ministry
  7. Ladies Ensemble
  8. Used Clothing Ministry
  9. Winter Closet (if applies) Extra coats, hats and mittens are always in demand. (If you have the extra space a church to supply these needs, start accepting donations. If you have a budget, it the sales rack at the stores, winter stuff is on clearance.)
  10. Food Pantry
  11. A Ladies Walking Club
  12. Letter Writing Club
  13. Youth Group
  14. Single Mother’s Women’s Care Ministry
  15. Elderly Women’s Visitation or Card Ministry
  16. Shut-in’s Ministry (Meals, needs, cards, visits, literature, etc.)
  17. Grieving Mother’s Ministry
  18. Teen Girls Club
  19. Women’s Mentoring Ministry
  20. Missionary Mailing Ministry (Cards, mail & special occasion mailing boxes)
  21. Back to School Ministry
  22. Angel Giving Ministry
  23. Annual Purse party & Shelter Ministry (for the Women’s shelter)
  24. Craft Club (Either for enjoyment/fellowship, gift for visitor bags or special “days” at the church)
  25. Birthday & Anniversary Ministry (In charge of once a month celebration or quarterly- cards mailed or given, perhaps a birthday box of gifts, etc.)
  26. Women’s Conference
  27. Nursing home VBS
  28. Hospital Ministry
  29. After School Club
  30. Freedom Club
  31. Rooted Club (Similar to a discipleship ladies group, designed to grow young ladies for the Lord & gain spiritual maturity.)
  32. SHINE (Seeing Him IN Everything) Ministry- A church outreach to those with long term illnesses, life changing trials
  33. New baby Ministry (An outreach to new births in the community via gift bags, devotions, church literature, etc.)
  34. Girl’s Night Out Ministry (Planning yearly, quarterly or monthly events for the ladies of the church)
  35. Welcoming Ministry (Reaching new visitor’s wives, support, needs, etc.)
  36. Wives In Service Ministry (A separate prayer and support that ministers to all the pastors’ wives, missionary wives, evangelist’s wives, etc.)
  37. Book Club
  38. God’s Gardening Club- planting flowers, bushes, etc. (At church, in park, along roadsides- often your local city has a small fund for the club to work with on roadside beautification but needs volunteers- Beauty in the town fund.)
  39. A Women’s Fitness Ministry
  40. Garden Party
  41. Healthy Woman Ministry (Organize a “heart” theme, local women’s health options- some nurses/ doctors will come speak for you on certain topics, offer a devotion, healthy food, etc.) Could be an annual event or host various events throughout the year. (A 5K- for unborn babies, discount/free fitness classes or walking groups, etc.)
  42. Family Fun Ministry- host a monthly event to encourage and promote family togetherness, a movie night, board game nights, photography night, hiking events, etc.

These 42 Ministry Ideas for the Pastor’s Wife are bound to get ideas rolling for your next ministry project or group. Ladies, what an opportunity we have been given. Let us serve wisely. Being spiritually filled by God to have love and compassion, so we make a difference in the lives around us! May the Lord bless and ye bear much fruit in your new ministry endeavors. (John 15:1-8)

“And some have compassion, making a difference.” Jude 22