Small Devotions

Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner: The Teacher’s Prayer

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My scholars all for Jesus-

This be my earnest prayer,

For they are souls immortal,

Entrusted to my care;

For each the Master careth,

I long so much for each,

Grant, Lord, the Heavenly wisdom

These wayward hearts to reach.

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My girls, light-headed, thoughtless,

On trifling things intent,

These cost a priceless ransom,

On these my care be spent,

That each a willing handmaid,

Be brought to own her Lord,

“What e’er He says, to do it,”

Obedient to His Word.

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My boys I want for Jesus—

My wayward wandering boys,

So full of life and mischief,

So charmed by early joys.

For them the Saviour suffered,

For them His life was given,

Lord, by that holy ransom,

Bring all my boys to Heaven.

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Lord, be in every lesson

Bless every faltering word

My trembling lips may utter,

To bring them to the Lord.

So fleeting are the moments

Of opportunity!

O Jesus, Lord and Saviour,

Bring all my class to Thee.