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Teen Zone: Summer Money$

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While I do not have a lot of bills, I still have a few things I would like to buy or a couple things to pay for; how can I earn money this summer? Naturally, we would all like to start earning extra money at some point. And if making money has not been at the top of your list thus far, think of yourself as fortunate. Even young adults that have parents or guardians that help cover main expenses enjoy earning extra spending money for camp, outings, a car, phone or spending money. However you see yourself in the near future or whatever purpose you find yourself looking for work, know there are a ton of ways to earn money as a teenager! So, here is a little inspiration. First, I will begin with online opportunities. Now, before you begin, please check with your parents (yes, even if you are over 18) because you can find out what kind of internet security you have and whether or not these are worth your time. Do you really want to put in a ton of hours for a couple bucks? Some do because they are already online or have internet running 24/7 and etc. While others, it may be a complete waste of your time that could be better used and make you far more money.

Teen Zone: Summer Money$ (Online Options)

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Online Surveys
  3. Branded Surveys
  4. InboxDollars
  5. ySense (videos) (13+)
  6. Scrambly
  7. Honeygain
  8. Graphic Design
  9. Video Editing
  10. YouTube Channel
  11. Social Media Manager
  12. Social Media Content Creator
  13. Social Media influencer
  14. Fiverr (Odd jobs)
  15. Virtual Assistant
  16. Your Own Online Business (Marketplace, tasks,etc.)
  17. Etsy Shop
  18. Blog
  19. Design Logos
  20. Poshmark Sales
  21. Freelanace Writing
  22. Sell Stock Photos
  23. Flip on eBay
  24. Investment Accounts
  25. Cryptocurrency
  26. GPT Sites
  27. FreeCash
  28. Treasure Trooper
  29. Qmee
  30. MobileXpression
  31. Reklaim
  32. Ipsos Screenwise
  33. SurveySavvy
  34. Surf
  35. Invisibly
  36. Create an Online Course
  37. Open a Dropshipping Store
  38. Become a Freelancer
  39. Sell vintage clothing online
  40. Start a Podcast

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The best part, these are NOT online! While there are places listed for surveys, watching videos, and such online; be sure to filter them through your parents or a safety net to be sure they are safe. AND many of the “odd tasks” are only pennies or a few bucks unless you go through an actual company that is reputable, invest in a demand skill and/or commit more full time hours.

Teen Zone: Summer Money$

  1. Sell Toys/ Clothes you do not use or want
  2. Collect bottles and cans
  3. Help people with technology
  4. Create and Sell your art
  5. Print on Demand Business
  6. Tournaments, games and competitions
  7. Wash Windows
  8. Clean Houses
  9. Door Dash
  10. Shop for Others
  11. Polish Shoes
  12. Run errands
  13. Paint Fences
  14. Build Bat houses
  15. Sell vegetable and flower starts
  16. Tilling Gardens
  17. Yard clean up
  18. Rake Yards
  19. Mow Lawns
  20. Clean Garages
  21. Cleaning Boats
  22. Be a campground host helper
  23. Clean Fish
  24. Walk in Parades/create floats for Businesses
  25. Sell Wood
  26. Babysitting
  27. Nanny
  28. House Sitting
  29. Pet Sitting
  30. Dog Walking
  31. Farm Help
  32. Animal Husbandry
  33. Cut and prune bushes & shrubs
  34. Find & Sell Collectables
  35. Collect scrap metals
  36. Paint addresses on mailboxes or in town
  37. Sell Golf balls
  38. Go metal detecting
  39. Collect valuable rocks or flotsam
  40. Groom Pets
  41. Take Care of Elderly
  42. Washing and Detailing Cars
  43. Gardening
  44. Get a Paper Route
  45. Deliver Pizza
  46. Bag groceries
  47. Landscaping
  48. Bowling alley work
  49. Weeding
  50. Scoop dog poop
  51. Water plants
  52. Rental Business (Grills, party tents, etc.)
  53. Create Websites for Local businesses
  54. Change oil, filters and/or brakes
  55. Sing/ play for weddings or special occasions
  56. Sell goodies at events
  57. Make and sell Birthday cards
  58. Make and sell knitwear
  59. Paid Chores
  60. Raise pets and sell them
  61. Raise Farm animals and sell them
  62. Create your own products
  63. Become a photographer
  64. Handyman
  65. Maintenance Service
  66. Filing & Office Work
  67. Summer Camp Counselor
  68. Become a Lifeguard
  69. Tutor Kids
  70. Give Music Lessons
  71. Get an Internship
  72. Wash Cars
  73. Become a DJ
  74. Golf Caddy
  75. Sell Baked Goods
  76. Monthly Garage Sale
  77. Make Gift Baskets
  78. Make Videos
  79. Edit Videos
  80. Write a book or web-comics
  81. Data Entry (Premise)
  82. Transcribing (REV, scribie)
  83. Act (
  84. Retail job
  85. Gym Worker
  86. Delivery Driver
  87. Barista
  88. Referee or Umpire
  89. Become a Personal Trainer
  90. Host a Party or Event and charge an entry fee
  91. Buy and Stock a vending machine
  92. Sell flowers
  93. Teach a class (an art or craft class)
  94. Dry Cleaner
  95. AirBnB host
  96. AirBnb Manager for someone with properties
  97. Get Paid to Walk (Sweatcoin)
  98. Sell something (handmade craft, resell jewelry, homemade ice cream, candy, taffy, and etc.)
  99. Learn a valuable skill and charge less to obtain the experience AND earn (book keeping, accounting, copywriting, writing, SEO, digital marketing and etc.)

Teen Zone: Summer Money$

While these are just a great start for a list, remember there are so many more options out there! However, I will add this, you only have 18 summers to enjoy before you HAVE to make money. And while making and having extra money is nice, so are amazing memories. So, while making money for camp and to put away for the future can be at the top of your list, be sure to add fun, creativity and great times too!