DIY Cloud Sand Dough Sensory Bin with Recipe

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Children LOVE sand. Hours at the park, beach or in the back yard sandbox accumulates a large portion of our summer for the littles. To my surprise, while working at a preschool, the private school center actually did NOT allow the children to play in an outdoor sandbox due to safety precautions. As wild as that sounds, that did not deter us from bring sandboxes inside. Throughout the years there have been so many “new” products introduced on the market, and to another surprise teachers pay SO MUCH for these products to save time and energy. As a teacher, I loved seasons. I would get as creative as possible to “create” our own sensory bins while utilizing inexpensive everyday products that most homes or center already obtain. As creative with textures and visuals as we could be, we still get asked time and time again about a moon sand type recipe we have used for years. Although, I believe the texture is a bit different, this recipe can fill a bin for pennies if your center or home has the proper ingredients already. HERE it is:

Cloud Sand Dough

As you can gather, this recipe is a base recipe I use for the large clear totes that fit under the bed. We have done a pond unit for homeschool & preschool and place 1/2 the pool with this sand dough and it’s critters. The remaining half split with water gel beads and local rocks we collected from a previous unit.

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I LOVE having activities out where the children enjoy learning without the structure. Kids love to learn naturally and through exploration & it’s such a joy to watch and be apart of!

Happy Teaching & Happy Homeschooling!

The Teacher’s Prayer

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My scholars all for Jesus-

This be my earnest prayer,

For they are souls immortal,

Entrusted to my care;

For each the Master careth,

I long so much for each,

Grant, Lord, the Heavenly wisdom

These wayward hearts to reach.

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My girls, light-headed, thoughtless,

On trifling things intent,

These cost a priceless ransom,

On these my care be spent,

That each a willing handmaid,

Be brought to own her Lord,

“What e’er He says, to do it,”

Obedient to His Word.

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My boys I want for Jesus—

My wayward wandering boys,

So full of life and mischief,

So charmed by early joys.

For them the Saviour suffered,

For them His life was given,

Lord, by that holy ransom,

Bring all my boys to Heaven.

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Lord, be in every lesson

Bless every faltering word

My trembling lips may utter,

To bring them to the Lord.

So fleeting are the moments

Of opportunity!

O Jesus, Lord and Saviour,

Bring all my class to Thee.