Preparing to Homestead in 10 Steps

Photo by Pixabay on Homestead is a fancy word for a home. A dwelling with its land and buildings, where family makes it a home. A settlement. An acquired place to raise our family. Recently, the term “homestead” has been sweeping over the self sufficient crowd. Honing in on classifying a group of “farmers” … Continue reading Preparing to Homestead in 10 Steps

Marrow Love AKA Zucchini

Gardens around the world are in full swing and in the midst of their season. Talking with gardeners, one common grown "vegetable" or botonical berry grown across the globe. Perhaps my thoughts are best summarized in a quote: "Buy a neighbor lady fresh zucchini and she will be grateful. But, teach a neighbor lady to … Continue reading Marrow Love AKA Zucchini

Garden in the Winter

@Pioneer Academy Although gardening in the "frozen tundra" appears to be impossible, especially since there are no signs of end at this current time. Extending our growing season this year by transplanting some garden produce plants into buckets, allowed us to pick fresh peppers and tomatoes up through Christmas. It was such a nice treat … Continue reading Garden in the Winter

Seeds, Seeds and More Seeds

@PioneerAcademy Are you ready for spring? It is such a joy when the seed catalogs begin to surprise us with their arrival. At last, there is hope for summer! Each year life seems to get busier and busier. I do notice however, no matter how often we say, "Maybe we shouldn't plant as big of … Continue reading Seeds, Seeds and More Seeds

Garden LOVE!

Who is ready for summer? As seed catalogs begin to flow through the mail and arrive, I am reminded that spring is right around the corner. It has us scrambling with excitement for our upcoming garden and mini homesteading projects. @PioneerAcademy Inspiration from our last seasons pictures and notes on methods, seed count and yield … Continue reading Garden LOVE!