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Taco Soup for a crowd in less than 30 minutes!

Bring on the Autumn Soup Season! It is beautiful painted outside, why not bring it to the table also, it’s a beautiful thing! Whether you are scouring the internet for great recipes to use up those last to-maters or bit of corn that will not fit in an already stuffed freezer, or simply searching for that great fall recipe that isn’t too heavy but warms the house and chilled souls; this is a GREAT, simple recipe!

Taco Soup

~Brown 2 lbs of beef. (Yes this can be substituted with venison or wild game- no one with know)

~Meanwhile in a large stock pot add 2 cans of corn and 2 cans of kidney beans. (Both drained) with 2 cups of water. Warm on medium heat.

~Check on your beef. Crumble (Potato masher works great!) Add 1 diced onion (optional of course) and season with salt & pepper.

~In your stock pot, add 2 jumbo cans of stewed tomatoes. (Roughly 60 oz. totaling in tomatoes) NEXT, add 2 Cans of tomato sauce. (Roughly 30 oz. total) Continue to warm on medium heat.

~When your onions (if you chose to add them) are translucent, add one packet of taco seasoning OR about 1 oz. Stir and mix. Dump into your stockpot.

~Continue to stir your stockpot and cover. It should at a boil by now if you were cooking on medium-high heat. On medium heat, cover and let cook for 20 minutes.

~Serve with cheese and desired toppings. (We love just cheese and tortilla chips or scoops.) My dear friend loves toppings, she will add the tortilla strips, a couple cheese options, sour cream, (the canned chopped fine & soft) jalapenos and black olives. It is so scrumptious! Whichever you choose, note this is a great “double” recipe even for a small-medium family. I say this because my crew says this is even better re-heated. LOL! Who knew leftovers would be a love too!

Happy Homemaking! Enjoy!!!