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Sweetheart Snack Mix Recipe

Dig out that giant bread bowl or xlg metal bowl.

In your extra large bowl mix 3 Cups of cherrios, 3 Cups of Rice Chex mix, 2 Cups of Wheat Chex mix, 3 Cups of Corn Chex mix and 1 Cup of small mini pretzels.

In a double broiler, melt 32 ounces of white chocolate. Continue to stir.

When smooth and creamy, quickly pour over your cereal mixture. Stir until everything is evenly coated.

Lay out a giant sheet of parchment paper and spread the mixture over top to dry. Once you have your parchment paper down, sprinkle your freshly coated cereals with your favorite valentines sprinkles. (You have to before it dries or it will not stick.) If you don’t have “Valentine’s Day” sprinkles. A simple red and then a pink bottle of cupcake “pearls” (the tiny choice) will work great. Sprinkle them over the white coated cereal and pretzels to dry.

With the clean extra large metal mixing bowl add 1 Cup of salted mini pretzels (not coated), 1 cup of pink mini marshmallows (optional) and a bag of Valentine’s Day M&M’s. Once your candy coated cereal/pretzel mix is dry, add it as well. Mix gently as to not crush the cereal. Cover and bring to your party or bag it into individual servings to pass around to your friends or colleagues. A cute package option are the Solo cups with lids they have at Wal-mart.

Happy gifting! Enjoy your Sweetheart Snack Mix!!!