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Kerry’s Kitchen: Sweet Squash Cakes

Post update- Kerry’s Kitchen: Sweet Squash Cakes

homemade pancakes with syrup and bananas served on table with teacup
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Who doesn’t love comfort food pancakes? With so many variations, even to how you cook or fry them, you are bound to find a favorite. Well during our #100daysofspinach and #100daysofveggies with every meal we tried to find unique and delicious ways to incorporate veggies into everything. During our quest we found spinach pancakes to be AMAZING! However, after growing a massive garden afar, it lead to being planted with 3 of our favorite foods. One being Winter Acorn Squash. We had squash for the entire neighborhood, church families and ALL winter, which was not a complaint- However, we wanted to use it and find ways we really loved it. So, why not come up with a way to make squash pancakes, right? I mean we love squash hot with a bit of butter anyways. We found squash pancakes as one of our favorite ways. So happy homemaking if you are a gardener as well or looking for more ways to incorporate your produce.

squash lot
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As crazy as this sounds, winter squash cakes are delicious! Perhaps it’s the fact that I love breakfast comfort food. Maybe it’s my love for winter squashed baked to perfection with melted butter running down the sides (like my pancakes). Either way, the fact that I can combine those two items for breakfast is absolutely wonderful.

Squash Cakes

This recipe is so simple, just make your pancake batter. In this case we were camping and I used instant buttermilk, the fluffy cakes. Mix your pancake batter, then add you leftover baked squash and liquid as needed.

Fluffy Cakes

In this case I made 6 cups of batter, but omitted 1/2 cup of liquid. Next I added approximately 2 Cups of baked squash and 2 Tablespoons of water I ran through the blender. I combined and mixed adjusting my liquids. (I added approximately 2 Tablespoons of milk.) If you are okay with texture difference, you can get around 3 &1/2 Cups before it gets too bad. The kids love the extra squash in them and do not mind texture at all!

Buttercup Squash

After returning my pancake mixture to the proper consistency, I ladled them onto the hot griddle. Once to perfection, serve warm with real maple syrup and fresh butter. Delicious!!! (Now if you just do loads of squash, my kiddos love them piping hot with lots of butter, no syrup needed. This makes a delicious snack too for littles- just make the silver dollar size to fit in their to-go containers easier.) Feel free to add your favorite toppings to splurge or make them for a dessert!

Beautiful Cakes!!!

Happy gardening! Happy Homemaking!!!