Sunflowers Bloom (Part 2 of 2)

Just as sunflowers bloom from each blossom that generated from seed; with the proper nutrient rich soil, sunlight and water, each Christian has the opportunity to bloom in their life with Christ.

But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.
(Matthew 13:8)

In order for a Christian to bloom, ladies; we must have seed that has taken root. God’s word is pure. Honest. Lovely. HIS saving grace is for all. In order for a seed to sprout, shoot up to the soil and take root it must germinate. Once it germinates, the quality of soil will affect the growth and outcome of the seed.

As Christians, we must first be saved. Once we are saved, just like a seedling, the conditions will affect our growth and overall outcome as a Christian. Once a Christian is saved, those conditions now will begin to cultivate. Ladies, that’s where we come in with great affect. Whether we are the growing Christian or a piece of the conditions needed for a new believer; the principles are the same.

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First, a new believer must develop a walk with God. Nothing is more powerful than the Word of God and precious time spent with HIM! This applies to the well seasoned Christian, the pastor’s wife, church families and new believers alike. The secret to being a great Christian, is being a good Christian everyday! It’s for the taking to all, but it requires an investment.

Second, a new believer needs good, solid preaching. A Bible and time with God is great indeed, but a preacher that delivers and feeds his flock several times a week is an amazing asset to that growth in aiding the conditions for better cultivation.

Third, a new believer needs Christian mentors and friends. I put these together because if God brings you a great mentor, and you have any character at all, you will be a loyal friend. You truly will be thankful for this beautiful blessing given by God. My very first mentor holds a special place in my heart. She prays for me still today, and I love her more than she knows for it! God brought her in my life at the precise moment in time and even though our time was together for a season, she is my strongest supporter yet to this day. That’s a mentor!

Fourth, but not final, a new believer needs a church. Perhaps you thought the previous two were of the church–> sometimes, yes! In a good, solid Bible teaching and preaching church, most often! Yet, unfortunately today, this is not always the case. Ladies, that’s where we come in again. If you are a new believer, reach out and take hold of an amazing mentor. You will grow and cultivate the beauty of your walk quicker and possibly better. If you are unsure of a church, reach out. Feel free to contact me, I will do my absolute best to help any way possible. Today though, I want to focus on the Ladies of the church. Since most of you currently reading this are attending our Bible study, receiving our church devotions or are serving sister in another church or mission field; this is for the church ladies.

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Cultivating sunflowers requires good soil and a few basic needs.

  1. Sunflowers require seed. Good seed makes a difference in the productions of blooms and yield of sunflowers. As we already stated, that seed germinates and sprouts, just as the Christian. We need to be saved and hunkered down into a solid church with good solid preaching AND some Christian friends/ mentors to go with it! In choosing this church, it plays a vital role in the growth of a new believer. Just the same with the proper choice versus a poor choice of seed. Ladies, let’s step it up! Let us prepare ourselves, look for the new believer to mentor, AND create a beautiful atmosphere within the walls of the church. A church that’s known for loving kindness, prayer, healing, forgiveness, successful works of God and restoration. Each of us brings in our offering (of ourselves) by will or not each time we enter the doors of the church. Are we bringing that sweet smell or a fruit foul smell?
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2. Sunflowers should be grown after spring frost. Sunflowers need the soil warmth of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. They love a nice sunny spot. As Christians, there are times we should speak up and times we need to remain quiet. Discerning when to plant is often likened to discerning the tongue. It depends on the season. What is right for one person, does not work for the next. Ladies, that’s why we need to be walking with the Lord. Let HIM guide our footsteps, but also our tongues. As newborn babes, the Bible says, we want new believers to desire and learn. Have you ever been in a lecture class, how much did you retain? Now if you took that same class in a hands on approach, chances are you would not only enjoy it more, but retain more. Ladies, let’s step out of the way and let new believers delight in the new found relationship with God. Yes, be there for any question, need or comfort; but let God do the work in their life. Let us just love them so much, they wonder, why me? And let them be thankful for such great mentors and friends.

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3. Sunflowers need sun. Did you know sunflowers are heliotropic? In other words, they turn their flowers toward the movement of the sun. So profound, I know. Truly, as newborn Christians, the best thing we ladies can do is love. Take a stand on word, yes. But love. After all, that’s how we truly fell in love with Christ. Perhaps as a seasoned lady you need to be reminded of how remarkable your salvation and walk was. Why not decide to rededicate your life to being a great mentor? Some lady that walks through that door may love you more than you could ever know. Girl, God loves you! Let us point the new believers back to Christ!

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4. Sunflowers need nitrogen. Sunflowers can actually grow in many different soils and locations. To thrive however, sunflowers need nitrogen and loose soil for their roots. Nitrogen stimulates growth and increases fruit and seed development on the sunflower. As nitrogen is to the sunflower, you my friend are to the new believer! You can be the difference in someone’s day in so many ways. Your listening ear, your tears in their sorrow, your sweetly mailed cards and gift boxes, your evening prayers and your honoring friendship and guidance WILL NOT be void. OH how sweet it is to have a friend in Jesus–> YES! But may I add, Oh how sweet it is to have a loyal friend and mentor walking with Jesus too! When a new believer has those great soil conditions to thrive, just as the sunflower in loose, well-drained soil, their roots will go deep. All enabling them to with-stand the storms.

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5. Sunflowers need water. Essential to any plant and creature, water is vital. Ladies, we can give water to the thirsty soul. We give them Jesus. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s really that simple. As we walk and talk with the Lord, and God places His hand on us; we get the honor of displaying God’s grace and mercy in our own lives. Through our rainy storms, rainbows and beautiful sun-shining days we display Christ. Ladies, let us remember whom we serve and that God is the God of the impossible! What HE has, can and will do in our lives; he can do in others. Are we water to the thirsty soul? Do we not only display such a walk, but do we know such a walk to help water a thirsty soul. Paul knew a lot of things, and although he didn’t always do them; it didn’t stop him for writing to the churches of Corinth and teach others about Christ. Let us be water to the new believer by giving them living water, so they may never thirst again. Remember, in order to do this, we must spend time at the well. (Word of God & Walking with God)

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6. Sunflowers need pollination. For those big beautiful blooms and seed, sunflowers need pollination. One, Christians do need other Christians to really bloom. Two, non-believers need Christians to bring them the Word of God in order to bloom too. One sunflower can reproduce up to 2000 more sunflowers. How amazing it is to be used by God, (because HE is the only one that does the saving) to be apart of the birth of a new Christian. God is good! Dear sister, he wants to use you as well in the new birth of Christians. Your desire and cry for your lost children, family, friends and neighbors does not go unheard. Remember, that is HIS desire too. Let us live such a life that God can use us to bring them to Christ.

As we see, there are some basic steps that are required for a good germination and growth of sunflowers and Christians. Yet, that good ground that is rich in nutrition can be us ladies. As the preacher gives the word of God, we can (and do) pray for all the hearts in the room. We can season everything we encounter with love. Encourage each other and new believers by sharing our testimony and what the Lord has done in our life that week. I pray the Lord will use you dear friend, to further HIS kingdom and be greatly blessed for your faithfulness and obedience to Christ.

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Happy Homemaking! God is Good!