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Sunday’s Song:It’s Under the Blood

Sunday’s Songs: It’s Under the Blood

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Do you love music? Listening to a beautiful message alongside a glorious tune, you cannot help but be moved. Music is a gift! Oh, how beautiful it is to walk into church with boisterous singing, catchy melody, voices honoring our Lord and Savior, and a sweet moving spirit in the midst of precious sounds of praise. Brothers and sisters harmonizing simple songs we hear and sing over and over! Beautiful is not a strong enough word!

Rejoicing together with our brothers and sisters each Sunday, singing heavenly praises to our wonderful Lord and Savior is magnificent. Oh, how sweet it is! Old or new songs alike, blesses your soul greatly. Ringing beautifully and resonating the heart all throughout the week. We are so blessed! Blessed with this next song as well, It’s Under the Blood!

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Some of the sweetest songs we take with us our whole life, are the simplest with a beautiful message! On this glorious Sunday, let us do the same! Thank the Lord for sending your Son for me! (My favorite 😉 !)

Sunday’s Songs: It’s Under the Blood

A top favorite version of this sweet, message filled song. The Clark Family version of this song is beautiful and will not disappoint. You can find more of the Clark’s music on their website HERE!

It’s Under the Blood

While walking down a memory lane not long ago

Satan came right by my side making me feel low.

He brought of thoughts of hurt and pain when I had gone astray.

He wanted to discourage me as I walked along my way.

He said you’re undeserving cause I know where you’ve been.

I have a record of your life when you were bound by sin.

I know your darkest secrets that you would never tell.

What makes you think you don’t deserve a place with me in hell.

Well, I heard the old accuser and this was my reply;

“You’re right for all the things I’ve done I surely deserve to die.

My righteousness is filthy rags. My goodness is unclean.

There’s only one thing I can say to what you’ve said to me.

It’s under the blood

Oh praise His dear name.

I’m not what I used to be My life’s been changed.

Not shackled by sin and shame It’s already gone.

I’m happy reminding him it’s under the blood.

Many times I stumbled along this earthly way

I failed a thousand times before for that I am ashamed.

I’m sorry for the things I’ve done the Lord could hear my cry

But I rejoice to hear His voice this was His reply:

“Victory was given when I was born again.

He washed your stained and sinful past and put new life within.

No longer do you bare the mark that sin had brought your way.

With happiness and peace of mind you now can say!

It’s under the blood Oh, praise His dear name

I’m not what I used to be my life’s been changed.

Not shackled by sin and shame

It’s all ready gone.

I’m happy reminding him

It’s under the blood

What can wash away my sin?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

What can make me whole again?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

It’s under the blood

Oh, Praise His dear name.

I’m not what I used to be, My life’s been changed.

Not shackled by sin and shame

It’s all ready gone.

I’m happy reminding Him

It’s under the blood.

I’m happy reminding Him

It’s under the blood

Since we are going back a couple years, we have to include the Inspirations! A wonderful, simple, yet power filled message, enjoy!

And a beautiful choir version. Smile and be blessed with this large group of teens worship and honor the amazing king we are privileged to serve! Enjoy the Woodland Baptist Teens. If this does not get us excited for the LORD and all HE has done in our lives, Lord help us. It is a blessing to see and hear young people fix their heart on Christ! THANK YOU! Because again, someone invested. Showing up today in church, teaching Sunday School, loving the children of your church; if all for 1 child or soul, it is worth it. Thank you for faithfully serving the Lord! HE is good!

Or New Manna’s choir version.

Another version brought to you by the Carr Family- more beautiful music!

Of course, hearing it at many revivals, I have to include this wonderful ladies group singing with Jared Dixon. Many blessings this Sunday!

And a sweet medley that is quickly rising to the favorite list in our home, by this wonderful talented group of singers. Brought to you by Calvary Baptist Bible Singers, Nothing But the Blood/ It’s Under the Blood/ There is a Fountain is beautifully song!

Last, but definitely not the least, a household favorite brought to you by Golden State Baptist College.

I hope your day is amazing in the house of the LORD! Safe travels to the snow birds heading home, extra caution and safety to those affected to by the tornado damages. Pray those in the far north and the mountain states are all shoveled out and everyone has a fabulous Sunday!

Happy Sunday!