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Sunday’s Song:

Sunday’s Songs: I Saw Jesus In You!

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Sunday’s Songs: I See Jesus In You!

Music is a splendid gift! Do you love listening to beautiful music with a grace-filled message alongside a glorious tune? One cannot help but be moved. A sweet moving spirit in the midst of precious sounds of praise will move any heart! Brothers and sisters harmonizing simple songs we hear and sing! Beautiful does not even begin to describe its precious praise!

Rejoicing together with our brothers and sisters each Sunday, singing heavenly praises to our wonderful Lord and Savior is magnificent. Oh, how sweet it is! Old or new songs alike, blesses your soul greatly. Ringing beautifully and resonating the heart all throughout the week. We are so blessed! Blessed with this next song as well, I See Jesus In You!

In honor of the beautiful soul and life lived making and sharing beautiful music, it is only right to share another Ron Hamilton beauty! Please keep his beautiful family, The Hamilton’s in your prayers as they mourn the absence of their sweet husband, father and grandfather. As his music continues to bless lives, may we be reminded of a life dedicated to honor of our Lord is priceless and influences many generations.

Songs with beautiful messages and gentle reminders touch our lives for eternity! On this beautiful Sunday, let us rejoice with the message within this song too! Thank the Lord, may other see Jesus in me!

Sunday’s Songs: I Saw Jesus In You!

A top favorite version of this sweet, message filled song. The Heritage Quartet version of this song is beautiful and will not disappoint!

I Saw Jesus In You!

When I enter heaven’s glory
And I see my Savior’s face,
I will offer Him ten thousand years of praise.
Then I’ll find that special one
In whose life I saw God’s Son,
And through tears of joy with trembling lips these words I’ll say:

I saw Jesus in you,
I saw Jesus in you,
I could hear His voice in the words you said-
I saw Jesus in you,
In your eyes I saw His care,
I could see His love was there,
You were faithful,
And I saw Jesus in you,

When I stand before my Father
To receive my life’s reward,
And my soul is bathed in God’s eternal day
When this race on earth is run,
And God sees the works I’ve done,
More than anything I long to hear my Father say:

I saw Jesus in you,
I saw Jesus in you,
I could hear His voice in the words you said-
I saw Jesus in you,
In your eyes I saw His care,
I could see His love was there,
You were faithful,
And I saw Jesus in you,

A wonderful, simple, yet power filled message in this beautiful performance of “I Saw Jesus In You”, enjoy!

And a beautiful version of worship and honor toward the amazing king we are privileged to serve! Smile and enjoy the Hyles Anderson College Music group. I hope it is a blessing to see and hear young people fix their heart on Christ! Thank you for faithfully serving the Lord! HE is good!

A new family singing beautifully for Jesus, the CBBC Calaun Family.

Another version brought to you by the Pritt Family- more beautiful music!

And a sweet voice that quickly raises beautiful praise and worship, Ms. Chelsea Ferguson from First Baptist Church!

Last, but definitely not the least, our current household favorite of this song, beautiful delivered to you by The Olinda Family!

I hope your day is beautifully filled with God’s blessing in the house of the LORD today! Safe travels to the snow birds heading home this time of year, extra caution and safety to those affected to by storm damage. Prayer to those in the far north and the mountain states anticipating Summer (hoping for a peak of spring first) on this fabulous Sunday!

Happy Sunday friends, God Bless & Keep you until next time!

Be sure to check out the Sunday Songs, each week a new song is added that is a great addition to preparing for your time with the LORD. Adding Godly music before your time with Him may help your day begin better. Or, throughout the day, to hit a quick reset of the mind to focus back on HIM, find a great song to learn for the week! Just as we are doing a meditation verse per day, we have added the song each week. Be sure to Check out these songs that are up online so far for each week:

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Thank you for serving the Lord my friend. It is an encouragement from afar to see many faithfully serving away to our sweet and precious LORD! HE is good!

P.S. But, I am knew here, how do you know Heaven is real? And how do I know for sure Heaven is my eternal home? –> READ MORE of Travel Down the Roman’s Road or Let Us Travel If you know you are saved, but are just not finding the motivation to really continually walk with HIM, perhaps you need to fall in LOVE with Him all over. Some people will often get this confused with being lost or unsaved, and make the reassurance of salvation. When really, they need to spend more time with Him as He works out truths within our lives.