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Resurrection Sunday Gift Ideas

Easter Services: Or Resurrection Sunday Gift Ideas

Resurrection Sunday is a beautiful time to honor our Lord and Savior. He is ALIVE! As a ministry wife, you may have a few extra tasks on special service day, like Easter Sunday. Although it is not required, many churches offer gifts to each family or visitors that appear on special service days.

A super cute craft for the Tomb Rolled away or Rolo-ed Away with free printable tag @happyhomefairy

Any goodie gift is a welcome to your neighbors, friends and family for Easter. But, this works great for your Sunday Service guests as well. Click below if you are looking for a cute tag for your congregation. @organizeyourstuffnow

~ Cookies, muffins, cupcakes, bars, brownies, mini loaves of breads, trail mix, and popcorn are just a few ideas that can be shared. Also, do not forget those wonderful jars of goodness from the seasons stash. Fresh maple syrup, honey, jams/jellies, salsas and such make great gifts too.

Faith of the Mustard seed. You can actually purchase these in bulk. OR DIY if you have a local dollar tree. They sell these bottles in 10 packs and your local health food store or large spiced section at the local grocery store has the mustard seeds.

Pocket rocks are another option for gifts. Again, these may be purchased ahead online or at your local christian book store. OR you can DIY with stamps and shellac spray from your local Wal-mart of craft store to seal the stamps. (A polyurethane spray will work as well to seal the stamps on.) Another option is engraving if you have the tools available.

Gift Bag (These may be purchased @ privatecraft4u) As far as filling them, things could include:

~pens/pencils OR Crayons/coloring pads for the kids

~Journals, notebooks, note pads, stickies/post-it notes

~A Devotional book, Bible study pack or study book

~Mints, tic-tacs, bubble gum, hard candies and/or church candy

~A treat of some sort, chocolate, mini candy bars, and/or sweet treat

~Small packets of tissue and/or baby wipes

~Something local, your local contact and emergency numbers for public services, if you are in a smaller area you could include information type numbers. (Doctors, dentists, optometrists, etc.) Most of the time you can obtain this free of charge at your local hospital or Heath services office.

~A pocket Bible or New Testament pocket Bible

~Small tool kits

~Mugs, drink mixes or creative straws

~~Gift cards to your local businesses. (If you are planning to do this for all, talk to a local business. Many will give a discount for purchasing in bulk.)

Whether a bracelet, necklace OR a book mark, this is sure to give you another DIY gift idea for Resurrection Service gifts.

Simple gift bags with various treats within are another great option that can be reused and repurposed if there are leftovers. With so much flexibility on what you choose to place in each bag, this is a great way to accent the special occasion.

A simple, but beautiful family gift for each home for your local celebrations are wooden crosses. This is simple shims stained, but scrap wood, drift wood or birch sticks with twine work as well. Plain are nice enough, or decorated as you desire. Making this a family gift/household gift for Resurrection Sunday.

Thumbstones are another option for small gifts to a large crowd or to purchase items in bulk for your service.

Here are some free downloadable tags as well if you are making treats to pass along.

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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