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Preparing to Homestead in 10 Steps

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Homestead is a fancy word for a home. A dwelling with its land and buildings, where family makes it a home. A settlement. An acquired place to raise our family. Recently, the term “homestead” has been sweeping over the self sufficient crowd. Honing in on classifying a group of “farmers” that have skills cunning in cooking from scratch, preserving food, gardening, meal planning, raising chickens, providing fresh dairy from goats or cows, have a working knowledge of herbs, frugal and so much more. Homesteading truly is a lifestyle, but there is an honest broad spectrum.

Homesteading is in everyone, but not for everyone.

Homesteading is work.

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If you are reading this, chances are you are diving into the homesteading realm. Perhaps you recently purchased land and are looking to sharpen your skills. Or maybe you have a love for country life and are exploring what it would be like to make that reality. Even perhaps you just want to be more self reliant where you are or on a fresh piece of property with your loved ones. Whatever the case, we all have homesteading within us. It’s the meals you plan, the family you raise, the hobbies you tend to or desire to learn, and so much more!

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This post however, was designed to lay out 10 steps for beginning that Homesteading Journey. Whether you want to be more self sufficient right where you are or begin a whole new homestead altogether, these 10 steps will lead and challenge you to new skills, being more frugal, sharpening essential skills every homesteader should know.

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Look for a New Post Each Monday for the next 10 Weeks in the “Preparing to Homestead Post Series!”

  • Preparing to Homestead #1: Things Needed Even on a One Acre Homestead
  • Preparing to Homestead #2: Skills Needed to Homestead (Can Learn While You Wait)
  • Preparing to Homestead #3: Budgeting & Being Frugal
  • Preparing to Homestead #4: Planning Your Gardens, Pantry, & Meals
  • Preparing to Homestead #5: Generating Income & Make Money From Your Homestead
  • Preparing to Homestead #6: Get Feedback and Connect in Your Growing Zone
  • Preparing to Homestead #7: Become a Student, Find a Mentor
  • Preparing to Homestead #8: Create a Working Kitchen & Be More Organized
  • Preparing to Homestead #9: Envision Your Goal, But Start Small & Be Frugal
  • Preparing to Homestead #10: Get Out of Debt & Start Saving

Happy Homesteading!