Preparing to Homestead #5: Generating Income and Make Money From Your Homestead

Preparing to homestead skill number five in starting to preparing to homesteading, brings us halfway through our beginning to homestead series. (10 Part Beginner Series)

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Whether you are young and planning to marry, have started a family and looking to homestead OR start a new homestead to be more self sufficient; another great skill to start to practice is to make money or generate income for your homestead and future. (Often while perfecting skills you already have.) So, let’s chat…

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Understanding this looks different for each lady, depending on your circumstances; it really boils down to understanding (three) key points.

  1. Make a List of your marketable skills or trades. Where ever you are currently, there is something you can do to generate income. From carving, welding, sewing, and cooking, to soap making, apothecary and crafting.
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2. Comprise Skills and Assets From Your Homestead. Check out the list of ways to make money from your homestead. Are there skills you already possess you can cultivate into a steady income, even if just seasonal or part-time. Whether you are skilled at baking, garden starts or fixing farm machinery; there is always more to learn. Experience not only allows your skills to develop and give you great experience, but also gives you references. A sweet friend started with making cookies seasonally, as she worked she earned money for better baking equipment and supplies. She became known for her skill before graduating highschool. Today she makes some of the most beautiful wedding cakes you have ever seen! All that to say; whether you make or create things OR can provide a service, you can develop a name for yourself and perfect your skills before you ever get to the homestead. You might find it pays for your homestead. Another local gentlemen bales hay. He is and has been known for years to provide services with tractors, trailers and equipment. In doing this young to pay for better equipment and upgrades on his farm, he found this was a steady income and barter for his own hay each year. He provided this service for area farmers for over 40 years and everyone knew him for his hard work. Being honest, hard working, dependable and trustworthy goes a long way. So comprise a list of ideas and services you could provide. In essence you are practicing your homesteading and homemaking skills.

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3. Watch the market and look for skills needed and ideas of sales prices of items you may already have or intend to possess at your future homestead. Seeing what goes in your area gives a great feel for the market, going prices and services or items that will be of great value or trade. In searching the market, it may also provide you with some ideas of skills and services you may be able to provide already.

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Although this seems very basic, it is all apart of the process. Yes, you could also randomly just pick a skill, learn it and make yourself successful at it. If you are young, perhaps this is what you choose. However, in talking with many women, I find they have a lot of skills they often do not consider. Many skills that we would possibly consider life skills, more and more people are looking to learn (hire a mentor) or prefer to hire someone else to help or complete the task for them.

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