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Plan a Successful Ladies Retreat In (8) Steps

Plan a Successful Ladies Retreat In (8) Steps

Do you desire the women of your church to really get to know each other better? Are you hoping to bring your ladies closer to one another to communicate better? Do you desire your ladies to have the opportunity to relax and have little distractions? Or do you really want to have fun and grow in the Lord at the same time? Have you ever thought of planning a Ladies Retreat?

Planning a ladies retreat can be a big task. However, it has so many benefits as well. Whether you are hosting a retreat for 10 or 500, the steps of planning are similar. You can plan a successful ladies retreat in 8 simple steps. Assuming you have prayed about it, spoke with your pastor and have the green light; let’s get going! Excitement has kicked in, take advantage of it!!!

Plan a Successful Ladies Retreat In (8) Steps

1) Have a Goal or Purpose

Start your planning with an end goal and/or purpose. Is this a refresher for everyone? Or is this to kick off your ladies ministry program in your church? Perhaps a celebration of hard work in your ladies ministry? Or an event you would like to make annually as a refresher, fun activity and wholesome purposeful fun? Start Here. This will help guide everything else smoothly. You will also have to decide here, is it just your church ladies? Your local ladies and a few christian women/friends? Or will you be inviting other churches and etc.?

2) Pick a Date & Location

Next, pick a date and location. Times can be adjusted after or as you go. But this is super handy for any size retreat you are planning for save-the-date cards or emails. It will also give you a time line to break everything up in the planning phase. You may be able to check out a new place and take a tour, or know your limits. (Min. and Max capacities) Also, they will be able to answer you on insurance questions. When you have your location, reserve it! This is so helpful for everything else that quickly follows.

3) Message & Theme

Third, plan your message and/or theme. Following your decision of your goals, you can then plan your aim or direction for the message and/or theme. Themes are not required, but really do help with tying everything up neatly with beautiful a bow. If you need a theme, be sure to check this post with a free printable of 150+ Themes.

4) Food & Decor

Once you have planned your theme and/or message aim and goals, food is fairly easy. Depending on your length of stay and your location, this can be as simple and/or as elaborate as you desire. Selecting your food varies on your size of retreat. Will it be catered or will you do it all yourself?

5) Music, Games, Activities & Crafts

Music is sweet whispers to our heart, selecting beautiful music that complements your retreat will enhance the messages being sent. And we all know laughter is good medicine. Having sweet fellowship and fun on purpose can be found in the right selection of games, activities and crafts.

6) Budget & Shopping

Of course, you will need to know how many to plan for, how much money you have to shop with, and lastly, shop for all your needed items.

7) Prayer & Resources

Last, but definitely not least, is pray. Bathe your retreat in prayer! I cannot emphasize this enough, plead with God to work within the woman you intend to invite in several areas. Then nitpick the details. Will you have a guest presentation, someone come in to do the music specials, is this low key, or classy to present to a certain crowd? Again, all tying to your purpose.

8) DO IT, Hand It Over, Trust God and Watch Him Work!

Have fun, enjoy and just do what you have set out to do. It is not your job to worry about the numbers, who was or was not there, what so and so thought of the message, just to obey. God asks us to listen to HIM, obey, work hard and leave the results to HIM! Hand it over to Him and watch Him do His thing.

What if you someone told you, you could have a successful women’s retreat by this summer or into fall, would you do it? Depending on your size of retreat for invitations and how far people will be commuting, it is possible to plan a retreat in as little as 6-8 weeks from now. It is not too late to get a jump start on your ladies ministry if you have procrastinating. If the Lord has nudged your heart in this area, I would like to extend an invitation to this series, Women’s Ministry: Planning a Retreat, which begins Tuesday!

Have a beautiful Resurrection Weekend!

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