Pastor’s Wives Resources: Self Care In the Ministry

With 15 main areas of self care, I pray something you find here will be a blessing to you; and strengthen you as you serve others!

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#1. Sleep-

Good sleep is vital to good health. If you are having trouble getting good sleep, what seems to be the problem? Is it comfort, uneasiness, stress? Even a new pillow can do the trick.

Could it be remedied with a good cup of tea in the evenings? Or another stress reliever? Bubble bath, bath salts, luscious soaps and a good book solve a lot of problems.

Is something else going on, perhaps a lack of exercise in our day or poor guy health. Check out this article to see if you are not sleeping well because of one of these 8 reasons. Or try one of these 17 Tips to better sleep.

You know you. What is lacking or could be added to your day to obtain proper sleep? Whatever you do, try to practice good self care by getting the best sleep for the appropriate amount of sleep needed for your day. (7-9 hours)

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#2. A Healthy Diet

Another key component to good self care is a healthy diet. How do you feel each day? Do you feel sluggish? Do you drink enough water? Practice self care by drinking enough water each day and maintaining a proper healthful diet. Your body needs proper nutrition and fuel for you to have the energy it needs to perform at its peak. How ever can we pour into others if we cannot motivate ourselves ladies?

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#3. Bible Devotion Time

This is vital. The busier I am, the more of a necessity it is. BUT seriously, sometimes a new bookmark, a cute journal, some new colored pens or what have you, is enough to spruce up that ordinary Bible time. Perhaps a new mug, a new flavor tea or coffee will help kick-start your Bible devotion time as you start your day. Check out Christian Book, they have many things to offer.

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#4. Exercise

Whether you have workout equipment at home, are able to go to a gym or just exercise with a favorite program; keep your body healthy! Exercising give you more energy, keeps your heart healthy and you will feel better about what you wear. If it has been awhile since you have exercised, reach out. There are so many that love to workout together. IF you are a Beachbody fan, contact me. We can get through a program together. YouTube has some great workout programs for free or try the free 14-day trial of Beachbody on demand!

Here are just a few links for workouts:

No Equipment required. (Some with so many different workouts that fits into your schedule, workout moderation, AND desired intensity- Pamela Reif, PopSugar Fitness, MadFit, Matacha Oceana Fitness Channel, Corpao Fitness, Holly Dolke, Heather Robertson’s Fitness and FREE 12 week workout plan, All workouts by Emi Wong, Body Project Team and so many more.

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#5. Mind Control, (Keeping it busy if you have a lot of free time)

If you are finding yourself in a season of life where you have a lot of time on your hands, find something to keep yourself busy. Memorizing scripture keeps a mind on Christ, but sometimes we also need to keep our bodies busy if we just have to much time on our hands. Go help a new mom. Drive elderly church members to their appointments. Volunteer. Perhaps take up letter writing! Find something that takes care of your mind and practice self control and good self care.

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#6. Caring for your thoughts, feelings and emotions

Practice good self care by knowing your limitations and when you may need to keep in check extra thoughts from stress, feelings and emotions. Each person has different coping mechanisms that work best. And different limitations. (Also can depend on the season of life you are in.) BUT make sure to give yourself time to deal with, relax or to just not stress for awhile; however you do that best.

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#7. Take a Break

You know what solutions work best for you when you need a break. But more often, we guilt ourselves for taking them. It’s hard to minister to others when our limit light has been on for awhile. If it is just a whopper of a day, take a breather and get a cup of coffee with a friend. If the kids have been crazy wild, call a friend up and meet at the park- even better- with pastries. 😉 But remember, good self care allows that extra time once in awhile for random breaks out of our daily schedules.

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#8. Say No to Others & Set Boundaries

Just like planning for that hike, you plan your schedule. Sure, there might be some unexpected weather, but your prepared. Likewise, in your day and schedule, there are deviations and times of change. However, it cannot be constant chaos. (I mean that is the point of the schedule, isn’t it?) So, great self care is knowing where the boundary is. Then, decide on your priorities.

All of our family knows when we’ll be at church, they don’t ask anymore for us to attend activities, events and gatherings that take place during these scheduled times. In ministry, it’s okay to say; this is family time. Or, this is my date with my husband. Thankfully, most people have been so good to our family in this area. Honoring that respected time is vital for the strength of the family. Yet, all of them know we will drop everything in the case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, not everyone has that same respect shown to them, I am sorry. Schedule, set boundaries, and practice self care while praying for the hedge of protection around your loved ones to avoid worldly distractions while strengthening your home. Strong homes are essential in building strong churches.

Many of you may have a scheduler or calendar on your phone. But, here are a few links for free downloads for schedules and planners. 15+ free templates at diy.com, many many choices from calendarpedia, many different layouts from calendarlabs, and a little bit more options in creating from vortex42. There are so many options on the web. Be sure to check out my printables in the Pastor’s Wives Forms section as well.

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#9. Get Organized

Sometimes this is thee BEST self care! Seriously, a completely organized area is like smelling fresh rain! It is a great feeling to know where everything is, in it’s proper spot AND it look lovely! A very frugal lady I know, recently hired someone to go through her house and organize, she said it was the best investment she made and wished she had done it sooner!

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#10. Read a book or two

Here are a few great books for those in the ministry.

ReThinking Women’s Ministry By Cyndee Ownbey


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#11. Pamper Yourself

Whether you just go get a hair cut, your nails done or even a message; pamper yourself! I always thought, ha ha! It’s nice, but really I don’t need that. However, when you go, don’t you feel so refreshed a great afterward? Make it better, take a girlfriend along and get coffee!

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#12. Start a New Hobby

Honestly, sometimes just being able to unplug your brain is a great way to de-stress and provides awesome self care. Check out your local hobby lobby, craft section at the department store or some cute painting or craft classes offered in your community!

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#13. Walk or Run

Walking or running is not just great exercise, but really provides clarity and a major stress reliever. Here are a few places for free tunes or podcasts while you walk or run.

~ Spotify– Download the app to your phone and enjoy

~Rockmyrun– this syncs your tunes to your steps and is a favorite for many runners.


~Hit Your Run- although it has a few imperfections, this is completely free across the board for users.

~Podcasts, here is a link for 10 top christian women podcasts if you prefer that on your walk or run.

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#14. Schedule and Guard Your Time

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#15. Take a Vacation-

Ask someone in the ministry when they last took a vacation. Odds are high, maybe never since they filled their current position. Everyone can recharge better when they completely unplug and take a vacation.