Pastor’s Wives Resources: Depression Resources

Resources for Those Battling Depression

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Disclaimer: I am not a physician or mental health professional. If you think you may be suffering from depression or fatigue, please find a doctor or professional advice immediately. This is just a resource NOT fit for advice but material available for informational purposes only. Your health is above your ministry role and profession, do not wait to seek counsel, professional advise or clinical help.

Online Helps:

Christian Recovery International

Hope Made Strong- With online learning or in-person training, Biblically- based learning is at your fingertips. Help to better- equip your church in helping others. An amazing amount of information by Laura Home.

National HelpLine

LeaderCareA Lifeway Christian Resource. Click for link, call at: (615) 251-5618 or email via leadercare@lifeway.com

Mark DeJesus- “Empowering you to live healed and free”, another GREAT website! Packed with information and channeling into various directions. From courses to podcasts, books to YouTube and even a FREE download book called, “Experiencing God’s Love As Your Father.”

Key Ministry- Packed full of wonderful online resources!

Dr. Henry Cloud- Programs, podcasts, books, blog, speaking and consulting.

Online Articles

Grace Works

Practical Help

How to Beat Pastoral Burnout

Mental Health and the church- Many articles from Key ministries about mental health.

Sermon Series on depression and anxiety from Passion City Church Or Life Church

Books on Christian or Pastoral Depression:

Strength for the Journey: A Biblical Perspective on Depression and Discouragement by Paul Carlisle

Happiness is A Choice: The Symptoms, Causes and Cures of Depression by Dr. Paul Meier

The Pastor’s Family by Brian and Cara Croft

When the Darkness Will Not Lift By John Piper

Breaking Free By Beth Moore

Mental Health and the Church By Dr. Stephen Grcevich

The Heart Healing Journey by Mark DeJesus

What to Do When Panic Attacks By Robert Bakss

I will Not Fear by Mark DeJesus

Healing For Damaged Emotions By David Seamands

Why Am I So Depressed By Debi Pryde

Calming the Storm Within: God’s Peace for Depression By Marjorie Vawter

Spurgeon’s Sorrows

Pastor Loui Gigglio

Pastor Craig Groeschel

365 Days of Prayer For Depression and Anxiety

Prayers & Promises for Depression and Anxiety

**If you have any other resources, please email them directly to be a blessing and help to our readers. Thank you!