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Paddling Thunder

Beautiful, sunny skies and warm lake breezes extend summer fun in nature. Misty mornings, lifting fog, gorgeous trees, flowers in bloom, croaking frogs and the lonesome sound of a loon calling in the distance encourages haste to unload our gear and get on the lake. Awaiting armies of mosquitos help too! Thankful for the extra boost of coffee fuel this AM!

My coffee visitor, I think he wanted me to share…

Our day began slightly overcast, but partially clear none the less. Filling our beautiful day with casting, paddling and exploration. Each inlet and current carried the canoes across the lake to a new water source. There is adventure in the unknown.

“Trusty Noo” Photo By- Titus Joy

Yet, most of all, the enjoyment of paddling is watching the children grow in strength, confidence, leadership and adventurous spirit; exactly what’s needed in this season of life!

Catching dinner for the table is a bonus, (and like God saying, I love you!) Whether we catch a ton or not, we thank Him for our adventures, praise Him for the beauty of creation, talk with Him throughout the day and just reminisce on the day and what we could improve.

Paddlers on the lake- Photo By Titusjoy

Late in the afternoon, storms rolled through the distance, noticing the weather we paddle in. Safety first. At a moment of thunder way off in the distance, all paddles hit the water. In record time, we reached the shore before one drop of water fell from the sky.

The kids are getting really good at paddling with skill and ease. Less work, but smarter. But, they have also become wiser in their surroundings. After the last storm winds made paddling more challenging, the young lads have watched for signs of wind picking up before the storm.

While thunder is easy to hear, we have successfully navigated a previous rain shower and got off the lake in time for it to down pour for about 20 minutes, then enjoy the waters again. Nobody wet, which is awesome and amazing!

Just a little guy- Photo by Titus Joy

Nobody wants to leave a “honey hole” where your catching crappie, small mouth and sunfish because you hear a little thunder off in the distance a ways. But, if we had waited a few more minutes, the younger lads may not have been able to navigate against the wind. While it only picked up about 20 minutes, it would have carried them to the channel, keeping them completely exposes to the storm. Wisdom and self-will go a long way.

Navigating life is like that. It’s not always “easy” or desirable to always pick the wise route. We’ve all heard the phrase “Sometimes you have to risk it for the Biscuit!” And sometimes we do with faith. Utilizing wisdom and self-will while clinging to our faith and the promises God has given can do mighty things midst the storms of life.

Look at the lad that gave his lunch, only 5 barley loaves and two small fish (John 6:9), Jesus used his lunch, broke bread, offered thanks and fed over 5,000. AND there were leftovers. I have teenagers, anyone with teens, knows there are no leftovers!

When the disciples gathered up the fragments to use every bit, I love that detail! (Because who wants their gift that they have given- wasted? Another thought for another day! LOL) When the disciples gathered it, they had 12 baskets of leftovers!

I picked this passage to share because our lives are like that lunch. We can hold onto it, or we can share it with others. We can give it to the Lord, or not. And if we choose to, we might really be amazed with what God can do with it, if we will just take ourselves out of it and have faith in God! Let Him do what He does best.

What’s in our basket or lunch to offer HIM, is up to us. Look at what the Lord did with some fish and bread. What can He do with your talents, skills, knowledge, character, love, kindness and devotion?

Evening paddle- Photo by Titus Joy

And when those storms of life come, if we have been walking with God and gleaning in our relationship; we can pull wisdom and faith to help navigate. And God can use those storms too, if we allow Him too! Oh, ain’t God good? He is so precious to me! Have a lovely sunset! Happy Paddling!