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Mother’s Day In Church

Every ministry and church is different. And while we all love traditions, it is nice to change up routines to keep things new and fresh. Mother’s Day is no exception. Each year, Mother’s Day is such a blessing to share with the women around us, and those with whom we serve alongside. What a joy it is to share and bounce ideas off one another while in ministry. One question that floods most ministry feeds around the holiday, especially Mother’s Day, is what are you getting your moms or what is your church doing for Mother’s Day? Has it always been the same? No. But here is the jist of the majority of the years. I Will break these ideas up into 3 parts!

1. Mother’s Day: Personalized Sunday School Crafts

Traditionally speaking, Mother’s Day usually acquired a cute craft (mostly hand print art), mostly because I think it is adorable and a lot of homeschool mom’s do not have their children do arts and crafts for “mom”. LOL. So, it adds an extra element of being cherished art- so I love it in frames too! This is usually done during Sunday School hour. You can find the Mother’s Day Art Roundup (for kids) Post for more details, links, examples and downloads. Sunday School Nook is a new place to check as well.

2.Mother’s Day: Sunday Service Ideas & Gift Bags/Flowers

Next our traditional service usually dedicates a few announcements, poems or songs toward mom. Followed by a great message from the preacher. Lastly, either a time within the service the children handed out gifts or gift bags and/or flowers at the end of the service. Our gift bag post can be found here.

3.Mother’s Day: Sunday Lunch/ Dinner Feast

After, services would be accompanied by a lunch/ dinner feast. Although this has endless possibilities, here are 10 great ideas everyone can enjoy. With simple or slight variations, all of these meals can accommodate different food allergies and nutrition preferences.

  1. Fried Chicken and sides (Local grocer or caterer fried chicken & everyone bring a simple side.)
  2. Grilled Chicken breasts and all the sides (Men grill & sides from local grocer or caterer)
  3. Parmesan Chicken & Green Beans
  4. Stuffed Chicken Breasts & baked potatoes (men cook)
  5. BBQ (Meat/Main dish from the church & everyone bring a side.)
  6. Pulled Pork (Men smoke the meat & everyone bring sides)
  7. Spaghetti Feed
  8. Lasagna & Salad Bar
  9. Pork Chops, baked potatoes and sides
  10. Meatloaf- Everyone bring a meatloaf & add church side dishes

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