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Mother’s Day: Gifts & Gift Bags

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Mother’s Day: Gifts & Gift Bags

Each year you may search for new ideas to shower your ladies with beautiful gifts and thoughtful sentiments to remind them of their beauty, importance and love. Look no further, here is a growing list of Mother’s Day gift and gift Ideas for your church family. (This may give ideas for your Family, friends, coworkers and neighbors as well; if that is what you desire as well.) Whether you are selecting one item or making a beautiful basket for your mother, this list has several goodies. Although this list is not in a particular order, I will start with filler type items to a particular gift. Our three go to options.

(Bags-) For your items:

  1. Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Bulk packaging supply store, or Amazon Bulk Gift Bags
  2. As is, or Stamped and/or Decorated
  3. Cute designed bags (These plastic are currently $0.17 each)


  1. Card packs from the Dollar store or dollar tree are great.
  2. Handmade cards by all the Sunday School kids is super cute for all the ladies for Mother’s Day!
  3. Or Handprint Frames for the Mother’s in Church and simple Happy Mother’s Day tags on the bag. (Like these prints)
  4. Wooden Heart Tags @Like these (Depending on your bulk order $.08- $0.32 each)
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Candies & Chocolates-

Although any favorite mini candy bars and treats will be beautiful, here are 10 specific bulk options for delicious treats in your Mother’s Day Gift Bags. I realize, every area is different when purchasing various products. Most of these products can also be purchased in bulk on Amazon. Be sure to check your shipping dates to arrive before Mother’s Day. Here are a few or (10) treats, chocolates and candies to check out for your gift bags.

  1. Dove
  2. Ferrero Chocolates or in mini packs
  3. Ferrero Coconut Treats
  4. Pocky Treats
  5. Individual Nutella Packages
  6. Tates Chocolate Chip Cookies
  7. Muddy Bites
  8. Rolos
  9. Hershey’s Chocolate Bars
  10. Reese’s (These cute hearts are a beautiful addition to your bags!)
  11. Barnettes

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First, A Paper Product-

After selecting chocolates or treats, we typically add a personalized message in the form of a card, poem, tag, bookmarks and/or etc. Check 30+ FREE or Low Cost Mother’s Day post list and 25+ More Mother’s Day ideas for some great ideas for your paper products.

Next, A Gift-

Now that we have arrived at the meat of this post, let’s jump in. Here are 20 ideas for church gifts for your gift bags.

1. Mugs-

Mugs and cups range all over the board in price. However, there are some really cute mugs at dollar tree, dollar store and dollar general.

2. Spa Gift Sets

Whether homemade or just a quick purchase, these spa gift sets are from @ctainc !

3. A Journal and Pen Set

How about a cute journal and pen set!

4. Bookmark and Pen Set

5. Cup and Devotional Set (This is a set of 36 each)

6. Succulents

Succulent are a great gift idea for moms. With the cute little sets of “pots” at the dollar store or with a little more spending, they have all sorts of cute succulent pots on amazon for a crowd. (The more your purchase, the cheaper.)

7. Pocket Planner

Pocket planner are a great addition to gift bags throughout the year. At the beginning of the year our local dollar store carries a wide variety of them in cute designs, but they are gone fast. They typically carry them for several months, but there are not as many choices. But these are great bag stuffers too. And very useful! If you do not have a large group of ladies you can make these personalized too with address labels and your favorite Bible verses OR a photo of their kids. Otherwise, Amazon has these cute two year planners that are affordable too.

8. A Beautiful Cross Necklace

These are currently listed at bulk price of $0.87 each @ Temu Shopping. Here is the link. These will not last. (Two other selections have sold out in less than 24 hours. While I do not have affiliate marketing through Temu, I will say if you are online a lot as a church or ministry leader, this is a great site to buy in bulk However, you will not see the pieces again, so make sure to purchase extra or enough. To purchase these in bulk, you can also have the beautiful boxes for the jewelry for a prettier display at hobby lobby in bulk. It will come to about $1.27 each total.

9. Jewelry

With so many jewelry pieces to choose from, these are great additions to your bags or chocolates! This is only one of the many pieces (an anklet set) available for $0.98 each found here.

10. Bracelets, like this Bohemian Bracelet Set!

11. How about A Cute Shirt? Not only are these cute, but they are only listed at $6.67 each on this link!

12. Tassel & Key Chain

13. Lip Balms

Planning to make a spa or personal care bag? Or, you would just like lip balm in addition to your items? Whether you keep together or open the packages to separate, this is a great price! These are currently listed at $0.89 @HERE!

14. Sun Catchers- are another great item for gift bags and pretty gifts. Currently, these are listed at $3.17 @ Temu

15. Metal Tin Sign Decor anyone? There are a variety of cute designs, I will only post two with links. (click the picture.)

Although there are many to choose from, I enjoyed this one for it’s uniqueness on Mother’s Day! Heaven is still to come! Seeing our beautiful loved ones is still to come, and sometimes that is comforting to hear on Mother’s Day!

16. Hand Cream – Buy Bulk ""” target=”_blank”>@ Amazon, ***This is currently listed at $20.00 for 30 of them and FREE shipping.

17. A Beautiful Cuff- While gift bags and goodies are great, some churches do enjoy putting together a beautiful bag and have the resources to do so. Here are a few more that may not be as inexpensive, but are beautiful idea t for the Mother’s in your life. This cuff is very reasonably priced and personal.

18. Luxury Soaps

I love to make homemade soaps, and speaking from experience, I would sell a log of soap as a whole cheaper than by the bar. Luxury soaps are AMAZING! If you have a local artisan, check there first. It will usually be your cheapest price. Otherwise, there are a few on Amazon, BUT be sure to message them in bulk pricing to get the best price if you are purchasing for your congregation!

19. Journal

Looking for a cute gift AND a great encouragement to help Mother’s in your church spend more time in God’s word? A journal like this is a great option. It has a place to write in scriptures, take notes, reflections and etc. This journal is one of many, again you can contact for the best price when purchasing in bulk. I have gotten journals as inexpensive as $1.75 with free shipping! (It never hurts to ask.)

20. A Beautiful Scripture Display!

I love this, it has the scripture reference, not the verses. It also is beautiful and can be found very reasonable in different varieties and at bulk prices. If this one is not what you are looking for, there are currently 12 similar options. Just do a bit of browsing for your favorite design, price and number of piece.

As you create your Mother’s Day bags, gifts and/or treats; some of the sweetest gifts do no cost a lot, but are just beautiful when they are personal and well thought out. Honest, faith filled Christians are appreciative of the love and honor they receive on Mother’s Day. But note, it may be filled with a plethora of emotions. Love, joy, sadness, exhaustion, gratefulness, thankfulness, and even pain. Every Mother has been through different season in life at different times. Mother’s day can bring up the past, the current present and also anticipation of the future. So, as you minister unto your ladies, remember your best efforts may be met with unwelcome criticism; but it really may have nothing to do with you. Thank you for serving the Lord! He is so good!

Last, but not least, one of the hardest areas is ministering to women that have lost a child. Great friends and amazing Christians helped me make it through the first Mother’s Day without my child! While I rejoiced with my children, I ached because I knew there were more. (If that makes sense.) So, I wanted to add (3) gifts for that mother that may have lost a child These vary in price and are cherished each year!

1. A Bereavement Necklace

A cherished and lovely reminder that you are thinking of mom’s other child/ren on Mother’s Day!

2. A Memorial Wind Chime

Every breeze that blows by is a reminder of the love unseen, but still lingers and remains in our heart of our beautiful one in heaven! A Memorial Wind Chime is another great way to remember your loved one or minister unto those that have recently lost a special member of their family.

3. A Memory Bracelet

This simplistic bracelet is inexpensive and a great I am thinking of you gift. I also chose this because it fits in the card, in the mail and/or can be transformed into a book mark.

Have a beautiful and happy Mother’s Day!

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