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Mail Order Chicks!

We love our local feed mill and purchase chicks through them almost yearly. Chicks are healthy, strong and beautiful! However, we wanted a few specific breeds because to be honest, I LOVE them! I am addicted to all those cute pesky birds and would love a few of many different kinds. So where can you purchase mail order chicks? Here are a few choices we found when shopping around. (There are many more out there.) So here is our experience thus far.

Happy Homesteading!

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  1. Whelps- I truly fell in love with Whelps and finally hunkered down to purchase a massive order from them, but was greatly disappointed. Not in birds necessarily, but their service. Let me first say their selection is phenomenal and discount on larger orders. The arrival date was over a month and a half later than the estimated date, only to keep being changed depending on the breed of bird. Overall, they were willing to work with me on making a couple changes to my order due to their lack of being able to fulfill the order by the date they advertised. However, the multiple changes on ship-date is what made it hard. We are scheduled travelers and we were worried about the chicks arriving when were out of town since it changed multiple time and they ask for a 3-5 day window. Also on the overall note, is that their chicks were healthy, which is great using a mail order company.
  2. Cackle Hatchery- I love their prices. If you have a large order or raise meat birds by the large quantity, I highly recommend Cackle. They originally had the most reasonable quality meat birds on the market. (I do not know if that still holds true today.)
  3. Meyer Hatchery- I love their turkeys! If you are looking for turkeys, here’s your stop alongside their duck selection! Turkeys are not to hard to raise, if you are up for some larger birds on your homestead. Even on 2 acres, we manage to raise a few each year, NUM!
  4. McMurray’s- Need I say anything? Chances are, you have heard of McMurray’s, the Michael Jordan of chickens, LOL. Their prices match their quality. If you are looking for show birds, these are amongst the finest you will find anywhere! A wide selection of birds, waterfowl, and game birds will not disappoint. We love the Silkies. However, with such a wide selection, they can also offer homestead packages, which is awesome if you are starting to raise your own family flock!
  5. Stromberg’s- Another well known hatchery. This company also sells adult birds, pigeons, doves and much more.
  6. J & M Hatchery– a small hatchery with some less common and unique birds as well.
  7. Freedom Ranger Hatchery
  8. Hoover’s Hatchery- Offers free shipping. Also has chickens, geese, bantams, turkeys, pheasants, keets, ducks and more.
  9. Privett Hatchery-A New Mexico hatchery with a large variety of birds.
  10. Ideal Poultry-Family owned and operated. Over 50,000 poultry breeders on he farms.
  11. Purely Poultry– Higher priced chicks compared to the other hatcheries, but the minimum order requirement is small.
  12. Townline Hatchery- Large order discounts and breeder flocks on site. A reliable reputation among hatcheries. (Over 100 years.)
  13. Sunnyside Hatchery-One of the few commercial hatcheries left with beautiful hobby farm assortments. High quality chicks, we have been pleased to have added them to our flock.
  14. MtHealthy Hatchery
  15. Ridgeway Hatchery