Homesteading on 2 Acres or Less

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Begin Our Homesteading Challenge!

**Join us PENDING, 2021 as we begin our next Homesteading and Homemaking Challenge.**

Kerry’s Kitchen: Sweet Squash Cakes

Post update- Kerry’s Kitchen: Sweet Squash Cakes Who doesn’t love comfort food pancakes? With so many variations, even to how you cook or fry them, you…

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75+ Ways to Make Money On Your Homestead

Even without several thousands of acres at your feet, with a little creativity and extra hard work, there are several opportunities to add a little bit…

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In the Kitchen With Kerry: Carrot Cake Jam

A REPOST: Jellies and Jams are a staple for any family with children. For some, a delicacy. Over the years, my children had identified their go-to…

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