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Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner- Homeschool Curriculum

Tuesday’s Teacher’s Corner- Homeschool Curriculum

Number one question for new homeschool families:

I’m homeschooling and I don’t even know where to start. What is the best curriculum to use?


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As parents, we want the best for our children. “What is the best curriculum” does not have a cookie cutter clear answer though. The real question should be, “What is the best curriculum for us?”

I will begin this first section to contain “10” more common homeschool names at the local groups and considered by many the “most popular” curriculum:

  • Abeka
  • B J U Press
  • ACE
  • Masterbooks
  • AOP
  • Christian Liberty Press
  • Math U See
  • Saxon Math
  • Apologia
  • Pearson Learning

That was easy, right? Well, true these are considered “amongst the best” on the market, but it does not mean they will be best for you.

“So, how do we find the best curriculum for us?”

I am so glad you asked… Although these are more common names, do not let that fool you to thinking they are the only options. There are a number of things to consider when purchasing curriculum, start with these 3 things:

  1. Your child- what is your children’s learning style? Are they a traditional learner? Would they thrive with 100% screen or computer based learning? How do they prefer to learn? Does your child struggle? Think about your child(ren). You wouldn’t want to purchase a year of independent curriculum at their “grade” if your child would struggle with reading it. Children have different stages of learning, development, and interests.
  2. Once you have thought about your child, think about You, your time or commitments- There are a number of curriculum out there that are amazing, but because of my time, they will provide the best education in my situation. Do you need to have your school look a certain way? What are your state homeschooling laws? Do you have multiple children, numerous grade levels, children under school age, are you expecting, do you work from home or is it possible you will need to throughout this coming school year?
  3. Your budget- Homeschool can cost as little or as much as you need. Are there advantages to having an open budget, of course, just like most things. However, you can get a quality education for free if you have access to the library or internet. Estimate what is in your budget either per student or as a whole.
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After you have considered these (3) things and looked over your states’ requirements, ponder these thoughts…

  1. Is a box kit best or am I planning to buy individual subjects from the same company or various companies to best suit my child’s learning? A Box Kit- is great for beginners or low on time to piece curriculum together. All-in-one options that come as student “grade boxes”. are:
    • A Beka
    • BJU (Bob Jones University Press)
    • Sonlight
    • Timberdoodle
    • Time 4 Learning
    • A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education)
    • AOP (Alpha Omega Publications) -LifePac or Horizons
    • Calvert
  2. Do I have a budget or no funds to homeschool? Free School options- are available. Perhaps you do not have a budget, but want to homeschool anyways. First off, let me say, YES, it is do-able. Here are some resources and options available to you. Although our path has been structured learning, almost all of these have been incorporated into our homeschool in some sort of fashion. (Unit study, table school OR supplemental resources)
    • Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool
    • Khan Academy
    • Ambleside Online
    • Scholastic Learning
    • Virtual Field Trip and Tours
    • Newsela
    • Funbrain
    • Big History Project
    • Smithsoanian Lab
    • Go Noodle
    • Bedtime Math
    • Club SicKidz
    • Chrome Music Lab
    • Youtube
    • 826 Digital
    • Starfall
    • Online Educational Sites
    • Apps
    • The Library
  3. What approach are you planning for your school year? How would you like to see your homeschool? ALL IN ONE and “unit study” learning? Among the box kits (which will sell by subject as well) here are a few more.
    1. ALL IN ONE Programs
      • Heart of Dakota
      • Sonlight
      • My Father’s World
      • Winter Promise Curriculum
      • Easy Peasy
      • Torchilight Curriculum
  4. Student led or independent?
  5. Literature based?
  6. Independent studies?
  7. A traditional approach, like a classroom style? Perhaps you will want to shop by subject. Most common subjects replaced in complete curriculum is math and science so here are a few:
    1. MATH
      • Saxon Math
      • Mathletics
      • Math U See
      • Teaching Textbooks
      • Singapore Math
      • ACSI
      • Dimensions Math
      • Developmental Math
      • Life of Fred
      • Math in Focus
      • Beast Academy
      • Exploring Creation with Mathematics
      • Mathematical Reasoning
      • Math Mammouth
      • CTC Math
    2. SCIENCE
      • Rainbow Science
      • Apologia
      • God’s Design
      • Supercharged Science
      • Expoloring God’s Creation
      • Noeo Science Curriculum

For more research, I will suggest Cathy Duffy’s Reviews. I could not possibly give you all the details on all the curriculum available in one post. However, Cathy Duffy’s Reviews has more details pertaining to each curriculum listed on her site. Check it out HERE!

Continue on to the teacher’s section HERE to find out more details and posts on my personal curriculum use, along with free organizational printouts, quizzes, tests and worksheets I have created to go with purchased curriculum, read-alouds and “homemade” elective courses.

Happy Homeschooling!!!