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Hey Ladies,

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Dear Friend,

Wow! It is crazy that we are well into May already! Grab your coffee, let’s chat quick!

To touch base with you I wanted to wish you a beautiful Mother’s Day and note the many new subscribers. Being growing over 3,000 and continuing to climb each day is such an encouragement AND blessing! Thank you so much for love and support you have shown! Be sure to check out all the new updates as things are rearranged. While with being a bit slower on the adding and posting, it really has been a learning curve. And although it has been time consuming to explore, to my surprise it really has been easy to navigate. I want to express a sincere thank you for your patience. I really am trying to load as much as possible while doing this very “part-time”. While I know I do not have to “air” everything, I do want this website to remain real, transparent and keep you up to date.

With May ringing through loud and clear, many posts are scheduled. May brought National Day of Prayer, Cinco de Mayo and will bring Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Victoria Day and Memorial Day. While wrapping up our full-time school schedule has been our main priority, scheduling out the summer has also been on the agenda. With that, we are set to publish many ministry helps/resources on the ministry page- JUNE 1st! With everything setting up now, and everything publishing in a couple blocks, please let me know if you find something not connecting or working. I have picked up a few midnight posts that did NOT post as scheduled because I had the wrong year. (LOL) That tells you the candle has been burning for too long. While some 3am posts have been edited better for your enjoyment.

As for ministry helps, I love your suggestions and to know your ministry needs. For the homepage, you will see the blog roll is changing out over this cycle and will be for all Christian women needs. When you click blog, it will have the latest for ministry wives in general and then each tab will continue to altar throughout the next two months and slowly guide you to another page to navigate by topic. We have went from about 18 pages to currently 92 that will completely publish, with more vision in store. So again, I thank you for your patience and hope to serve your ministry needs better while maintaining a fresh, flowing, neat and tidy cute Christian blog.

Be sure to check out the Christian women’s businesses. If you would like to add your business there, feel free to contact me. I plan to host these at no cost until July. Our long term goal is to run this website through donations and sponsored links/ads. If that is something that interests you, please keep it in mind and your prayers as well.

Have a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend and enjoy the people God has placed in your life!