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Happy Valentines Day!

Is Valentine’s Day a thing at your house?

Why or why not?

My family is precious to me!

My Lord is ever more dear to my heart when I think of those blessings he has given me!

Valentine’s Day is of course centered around love and in many realms, is referring to “LOVE and cupid.” BUT, it can be another Christian Celebration if so choose. Let’s face it, I love celebrating with loved ones. So, the more celebrations and traditions I can stack in my children’s heart, the better!

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So how can center Valentine’s Day on the Lord too? Celebrate of course! Celebrate his love towards us, his beloved children. And share that love with others. Whether our spouse, children, their families, our church members or neighbors—> just enjoy it and share the love of Christ! Really, just as Christmas is everyday of the year; we can show love every day of the year. However, there’s nothing wrong with making a big celebration out of it either!

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Every year we have Chicken Parmesan Dinner for Valentine’s Day, simply because it was a household favorite. As our dinner has stayed an “unofficial” annual thing, we’ve changed its appearance over the years. Although it has been “informal and unofficial”, it has evolved a bit this year as the children have gotten older. With a full service meal, delicious food, family and friends who needs reservations? That remains the same. However, the children dressing for a formal dinner (I think for mom mostly) has been a more recent addition. We also continue small gift giving and added a personal gift for each mother or mother figure present. Oh, it is lovely. Specific thoughtfulness goes deep into the heart.

Whether you just enjoy a candle lit dinner in the presence of each other, a small company or invite the entire extended family and friends in full attire; you’re sure to have an amazing time. We do!

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So no matter how you celebrate or choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, remember to share Christ’s love!

Happy Homemaking!!!