Be A Blessing

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday! May your day be filled with blessing from above. God is so good and faithful. Give Him all your cares, joys and prayers. He is faithful to hear and answer!

Happy Tuesday!

On these weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, it is so humbling to think of those days leading up to Palm Sunday. Passing through Jericho, spotting Zacchaeus and his joyful receiving of Him. Mount Olives, sending down two disciples to untie the colt ass that the Lord would take into Jerusalem. Jesus weeping as he came near the city. Palm branches waving as He enters the city. All the miracles and the raising of Lazarus has draw attention from all. Adoration and onlooking pharisees. All the events that lead up to His death. The rocks that rent, the earth that did quake, the bodies of the saints resurrected, and the witnesses of the events. (Centurion and his company afraid- Mttw. 27:50-66) Have you ever thought about what that would look like?

May we continue to reflect, study and read God’s truth throughout this week. I am so thankful God sent His son, Jesus as the propitiation for my sins. But for the grace of God, where would I be? Praise God!

Have a beautiful day my friend! Happy Easter week!

P.S. But, I am knew here, how do you know heaven is real and my know for sure it is my eternal home? –> READ MORE of Travel Down the Roman’s Road or Let Us Travel