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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day is almost here! With a day of celebration on the way, let me be the first to say: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! What better way is there to spend it, than with amazing women that have made a difference in our lives? Motherhood is a life changing impact on women around the world! What a beautiful day to celebrate those that have taken a part in our day to day lives in shaping us into the person we are today! Let us remember all the wonderful women that have shaped our lives.

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Biological mothers- you have physically brought your child into the world. While some celebrate this mother, some do not. But, that does not change their existence. Let us honor our mother’s, even if it simply thanking God for our birth and the opportunity to live another day in this world.

If you were privileged to be a biological mother, you have beautifully brought new life into this world. What a joyous occasion! Babies are a gift from God! Oh how precious that the Lord has allowed me to be “mom”! Motherhood can be so beautiful messy though. And often, there are so many emotions that come with Mother’s Day. As joyful as being a mother is, it can contain heartache from children that have gone astray, broken relationships and/or from children waiting for us in heaven. There is also the filling of emotions positive and negative. Even upon meeting wonderful mothers, they often have regrets or did not know the Lord until later. Momma, you still have influence. Do what you know now the best you can, and let God’s grace cover the rest. We all have a story, use it for His glory. Encourage other mothers to live for the Lord and guide their children to do the same. Let God use your story for beauty. AND- Wherever you find yourself this Mother’s Day, may you filled with beautiful moments of Motherhood! Happy Mother’s Day!

Step Mothers- While you may feel like they are not actually your child/ren from time to time, marrying into a family still makes you a mother. Even though you know this is not always easy, you still had opportunities to build beautiful relationships and connections with your stepchildren. Even if you had a ready-made family, you are still “mom”! Happy Mother’s Day!

Adoptive Mothers- Whether you have physically carried your child/ren or not, does not change your love, care and support you have done and committed to in this lifetime. You are mom and have an entire lifetime to impact your child! Happy Mother’s Day!

Grandmothers, Aunties & Close Cousins- Even if you are not directly mom, you have an amazing influence on the little ones in your life. Your investment on their life is important and beautiful! Happy Mother’s Day!

Foster Mother- Choosing to meet a child where they are and invest time, love and support is priceless. Loving unconditionally is so rewarding and makes a difference that lasts a lifetime. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother-In-Law & Relatives- No matter how many times your argue or have been irritated by your in-laws, especially your Mother-In-Law, they are apart of our lives. Sometimes as much as, if not more, than our own parents and family. What a beautiful way to say thank you for your spouse than honoring your mother-in-law and in-law relatives. If you find yourself on the outskirts of the family this Mother’s Day, remember you are still a mother and you still have a lifetime of influence and time to be apart of their lives. Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the mom-type figures in our lives: teachers, neighbors, family friends, relations and positive influences, THANK YOU! We are grateful for all you do to make this world a better place. Happy Mother’s Day!

Have a beautiful and Happy Mother’s Day!

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