Be A Blessing

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday

Woohoo! It is Friday! Is Friday fish fry a thing? It is for us, NUMMY! God’s provision is always beautiful! Moving in the midst quietly, and HE always knows the verses that tug my heart strings. Playing beautiful music in my life throughout the day. A precious commodity of homemaking and homeschooling is the time I have at home. However, I have to be careful to not spend it on things that do not matter. My children matter. Tasks matter too, but my children will eventually be grown and no longer in need as they are now. Tasks on the other hand will always remain, just look differently. But, a beautiful reward of staying home and investing in HOME is being able to stay in the word of God throughout the day. We have Bible memory verses scattered across the house to memorize. My Bible can lay open on the edge of the couch for quick reference to some meditation verses. Oh, how spoiled am I? Homemaking truly is beautiful. Truthfully, I knew I would love being a mother. BUT, I never imagined it would be like this. So rewarding yet selfless. Demanding, but beautiful. Did I mention I love being a mother? God is so good to me!

Wow, this week flew by so quickly. Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Any seed starting or planting near you? How is ministry? Has your church hosted a conference this year or scheduled out their year of ministry? Are you settling into the New Year beautifully or like a floppy crappie out of water? Planners have been my closest friends when it has come to diving further into ministry and online content creating. What works best for you when it comes to organizing your time? Do you have a favorite resource?

As far as home management, many years ago I started using a “homesteading binder”. I did not really have a name for it, but that is the closest thing I can think to call it. Containing several 6 week meal plans to rotate and choose from, weekly meal plans with shopping lists to change things up, cleaning schedules and checklists, gardening plans and lists, canning goals and info., chore charts, homeschool schedules, and so much more. Although I do not open it religiously, when things get busy I find myself pulling it back out to help ease the load. It works best, especially since my older teens love to help and be apart of a thriving team. I can lay the plan out on the table and between various tasks, prep work or cleaning; they happily offer to take up a task to complete. It is such a blessing. Many hands make lite work. The best part is, it frees up time to do extra things together like extra game nights, movie/food fun, bowling, NERF zone, or anything outdoors. Paddling, kayaking, hiking, fishing, camping, and so on are beautiful treats of God’s amazing creation. What’s better in your free time than enjoying creation with great people, right?

Just a few ramblings of life.

Happy homemaking!