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God Reveals Himself (Part 1)

Looking around, day to day we can simply see evidence of God and His handiwork.

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Perfectly weaved spiderwebs, the kingdoms within the animal world, and creations natural senses or instincts; who designed them?

A solar system that precisely rotates, orbits and hangs in the balance without crashing into itself or each other.

A majestic variety of sciences that have so many intricate details. Botany, Astronomy, Biology, The Human Body, and Chemistry are so vastly different; yet they all have the same designer.

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Have you ever thought about evidence and the proof of God’s existence? Like you?

How do you expect to figure out what God has for you, if you are not sure God created you? And for what purpose?

So how do you know HE is our Creator? And how He reveals Himself? Interestingly enough, have you ever noticed the Bible never proves the existence of God through a “purpose” or reason of its writings. It assumes HIS existence and the lack of need to “prove” He exists. (Even though there is so much evidence of His existence and it is crafted into every living thing made by HIM.

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Do you have your Bible handy? Let’s look at a few verses and see what God’s word says about revealing Himself… Here are just 10 ways

  1. The World Around Us(Psalm 19:1)
  2. He revealed His voice into existence through Creation. (Genesis 1:1)
  3. His work is “very good” (Gen 1:3,6,9,11,14,20 & 24
  4. The flood. (Many historical records and cultures have a story of the flood that was passed down for generations. It is one moment in history the entire world knew God was the creator.)
  5. Through People (John 1:9)
  6. Nature
  7. The Bible
  8. His Spirit
  9. His Flesh (Jesus)
  10. His Revelation (Hebrews 11:3)

While evidence does exist all around us in our daily lives,that God does exist; people can get truth right, wrong, twisted up or even reject it! But, it is not because there is no evidence or support of God’s existence. But acknowledging God Himself, means accepting the gift of conscience that testifies of God, sin, and our need for forgiveness.

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Ultimately it proves our creation was for Him.

Allowing Him to reveal Himself to us is only the beginning though. HE really is an amazing God that desires and longs to have fellowship with you.

He loves you! And you were created for Him!