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God in the Daily: Missing Ring

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God in the Daily: My Ring

While on this crazy ride called life, my wedding ring went missing. Admittedly, I took my ring off a lot. BUT, I always knew where I set it. It was usually in a little dish above the kitchen sink while I washed dishes, made bread or rolled out dough.

At the time of loosing my ring, we milked. Milking critters as you may know, is a daunting task if you are doing it by hand. One Sunday on my way to church I scurried through the kitchen and under the cupboards thinking my ring may have fallen. We prayed and headed to church. (God & commitments first.) All morning I ran the thoughts of my morning routine from the days prior. To no avail, my memory could not confirm where I had placed my ring. Thinking perhaps I took it off milking or doing chores, we then feverishly went through every nook and cranny of the barn and milking area. No reward.

God in the Daily: Missing Ring

Fast forward seven years. My husband has offered to buy me a new wedding ring at least four times. He said, then people know we are married. LOL. But, honestly I am not a huge jewelry girl. I love my jewelry gifts because of their meaning and the giver. Seeing I may never find it, I told him it would be fine if we do not find it before we move. (Knowing it was more than likely lost at the farm house somewhere.) And he really wanted me to have a ring from him.

As we visit our home, making last painting preparations and finishing touches beautiful memories of my children and the first years of motherhood fill my mind. Oh, I love being a mom. I knew I would, but I never imagined it would be this amazing! Even through some of the most difficult trials and heartaches, the beauty of motherhood is indescribable! (I find I do not fit into any one mold.) My parenting is intentional, wholesome, and personal; yet I still desire for the Lord to allow us to raise more. I do believe you can have a large family and truly love each child on and with a purpose! Pure love! I do know and see my regular readers/ mothers that here feel the same way. BUT, let’s be honest, it is not the way of the world today. Anyways, before I get on a rabbit trail, tears trickle down my cheeks. Thoughts flood my mind. Strong emotions of not wanting to depart from this place because of the beautiful memories leave me praying. When my emotions and thoughts start to race, I find the best place to go, is the LORD!

While praying, I am interrupted by a running child bombarding into the dining room with his little sister over his shoulder. Thinking she may have stepped on something or got stung, I immediately turned behind me and grabbed the first aid kit with the band-aides calm and collected. (Not o first time mom here. LOL) Setting a little giggly girl on the countertop, he hands me a sparkling pile of dirt. I brush off the dirt. Low and behold my wedding ring!

My God is good!

God in the Daily: My Ring

See, when I was praying, I brought up God’s promises (yes- to God) about my hopes, desires and dreams. And although they were right, beautiful and with good intention. The Lord reminded me HIS love is endless. Like my wedding ring. Not in mine alone, but in HIM. I am the Lords. No matter where life takes me, He is mine. My wedding ring is a endless circle, a display for the world to see my vows to my spouse. Through good times and bad times. My God, eternal life, is so much more. Earth is temporary. Eternity is forever. While I have never questioned whether or not to serve HIM, I have often asked why or pleaded my case. I hope this encourages you to do the same. Not because you will necessarily get a different answer, but you may, BUT for the Lord to speak to you in a way you will hear HIM. A lost wedding ring for 7 years was a huge way to get my attention, but I do not loose my wedding ring everyday. I also know HE reaches my heart personally because He loves me. I can pour it out to Him and trust HIM on a daily basis and He will speak to me from day to day too.

Friend, do you know this great God? Do you really know HIM? And how much HE truly cares for you?

This life can be cruel sometimes. Bad things happen to good people. Simply because we live in a sinful world. It has no merit on you or ways. People often do, but not always. Why go through it alone? There is an amazing God that wants to do life with you! He wants to be in your rejoicing. He desires to weep with you. God wants to hold your hand through life. His love for you is eternal! And He cares about your today!

After much discussion and talk, we cannot imagine how my ring weathered the outdoors for 7 years. It seems impossible that it was in good shape. Chatter of maybe someone felt bad for taking it, or it was moved. You know, I can not verify that. But either way, even if it was not an accident; we cannot replicate God’s timing. We were at the house at an specified date. I was literally talking to God at that precise time about specific things. AND in Prayer as it was found. Even if man had a hand in all the other parts, only God’s hand can do that.

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So, what am I saying? All through the Bible and in life, God has used mankind. David to defeat Goliath and help the Israelite people, Peter’s words to heal in Acts, A young lad’s lunch fed thousands, and the many were saved from Paul’s life while he was a missionary and preached the Gospel-when at one time he persecuted Christians, and so many more. Obedience. Individuals that sought God’s direction and obeyed Him, were used by God to do amazing things! You and I are no exception. He desires to do that in our lives too. And although we live in a different time, the difference of God’s hand in our day to day lives is profound. We serve a great God! May we remember that in our daily life, My God is There!

Have a blessed day!