Southwestern Egg Bake

Egg Recipe #15 Happy chickens= a lot of eggs= egg recipes for you! Brunch time must- try recipe! A great make- ahead meal that can be refrigerated up to a day in advanced, leave this dish simple with a bit of a twist to traditional bakes. Let’s begin: Southwestern Egg Bake Recipe ~Preheat oven to … Continue reading Southwestern Egg Bake

Flock of Feathers

Perhaps the most exhilarating sign of spring are the birds. Anticipating their arrival our craft area is filled with tools and supplies for creative new feeders for our feathered friends. As a teacher, I must confess, this is a unit I enjoy every year! -AND- I do not skip this unit for any age. Faithful … Continue reading Flock of Feathers

Garden in the Winter

Although gardening in the “frozen tundra” appears to be impossible, especially since there are no signs of end at this current time. Extending our growing season this year by transplanting some garden produce plants into buckets, allowed us to pick fresh peppers and tomatoes up through Christmas. It was such a nice treat to add … Continue reading Garden in the Winter


Driven “We are not driven from Behind, but lured from Before! Not pushed, but Pulled! Magnetized from Beyond!” By Lloyd C. Douglas

Eggs, eggs, eggs…

As a tribute to the girls, February is Chicken sensation and creation month! LOL. In actuality, June 3rd is national egg day and July 6th is national chicken day. However, right around this time of year, chickens around the world begin to pick up on their egg laying. For others, within a couple months. SO, … Continue reading Eggs, eggs, eggs…

FREE Bonus Center Signs

Centers are SO MUCH fun, whether you homeschool, tutor OR run a daycare or preschool. I understand it’s a little more formal for some homeschooling families, but the thought of finding some new learning treasure and that excitement extends across the board. So, if you are in the professional realm and need some labels for … Continue reading FREE Bonus Center Signs

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