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Family Favorites (Seasonal Broadcasts & Audio)

Is you trip not long enough to watch a movie, but would you love to treat your kids this holiday season? With SO many TV, movie and holiday specials it is fairly easy to pop in and watch a family favorite. Perhaps while you are traveling, you’d like to instead take advantage of a radio drama or broadcast. Here are 3 great family friendly audios you can enjoy with your family. Best of all, they are: free& under 30 minutes.

Here are a few you can find on YouTube and stream (hands free of course) while you drive at no cost.

Christmas Spirit by Ron Hamilton

Christmas Carol- This is our all time, absolute favorite, that the kids ask to listen to every year. A great message, family friendly and under an hour long. (1 of 14 tracks)

Peanut Butter Christmas- Another favorite the whole family will love, especially the younger crowd. This is our youngest’s favorite this time of year.

Christmas Spirit- The newest arrangement by Ron Hamilton for the whole family as well.

To purchase these audios, along with other arrangements, check out the Majesty Website.

Happy Winter Break!!!