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Eggs, eggs, eggs…

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As a tribute to the girls, February is Chicken sensation and creation month! LOL. In actuality, June 3rd is national egg day and July 6th is national chicken day.

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However, right around this time of year, chickens around the world begin to pick up on their egg laying. For others, within a couple months. SO, what does one do with all those eggs? For the month of February, everyday I will post a recipe that contains at consumes 6, or more eggs.

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I know at first when eggs begin to multiply and animals freshen, it seems as though we have no trouble on starting on that list of things we want to make. For you folks, these recipes will be here to come back to when you have too many. 😉

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Gift, share, eat, bake, enjoy! All are an egg-cellent idea 😉